Earning multiple streams of income with simple, niche specific sites

Earning multiple streams of income with simple, niche specific sites

It’s been said many times that the single best way to internet riches is through multiple streams of income. I personally haven’t found those internet riches yet but I can see where the multiple streams of income can come from.

The average person that suddenly decides they want a website isn’t going to come up with a million dollar a week wonder on the first try. In fact most people will never come up with a one thousand dollar a week web site. A couple hundred dollars a week is another story altogether, however. This is an actually attainable goal. I would even go so far as to say it’s not really extremely hard.

Of course you have work to do but this type of work will continue to pay off long after you’ve stopped working. Your site will hopefully continue to grow and exist as long as you pay for web hosting and domain name registration. In my opinion this little side effect of having a decent web site makes the internet better than real estate. A web site that you start up for and allow to grow for a couple or years could not only possibly sell for enough to buy a house if your wise but also earn you steady income during the years it remains in your possession.

I hope you can see the potential benefit of having multiple, very niche specific web sites. Google can dish out a lot of traffic to some pretty interesting search terms. As an example the term ‘grasshopper’ rakes in about 13,000 searches a month via Yahoo alone. If you focus on something even less competitive like ‘african bull frog’ you’ll find yourself readily picked up by search engines and getting some search engine traffic.

The basic challenge is to pick out a niche that you can find non competitive keywords for. After that grab some hosting and put together a simple, informative site about your niche. Focus on helping the people that would be searching for what your trying to offer. When you have a site that’s good for both search engines and searchers alike then throw in a way to monetize your traffic. You could do this by selling services or items, adding an affiliate link or two, or maybe adding some Google adsense ads or something.

I tend to lean toward Adsense and affiliate links because it’s easier for me to take care of my web sites. It leaves nothing left to do but add new content every once in awhile and build some back links. To me it almost seems as if I am building a little machine to help me make money.

I’ll conclude with a couple tips about web hosting. If you’re going to oversee multiple websites I’d go with a web host that lets you host multiple domains on one account. You’ll save a ton of money that way and things will be much easier to manage. My host allows me to host up to 6 web sites on one account. If I need more than that I just get multiple accounts. Don’t rush yourself either. Take things one page at a time and get things working before you rush off to another project.

Earning multiple streams of income with simple, niche specific sites