Domain Names: The Remembrance Factor

Domain Names: The Remembrance Factor

When choosing a domain name, it is tempting to choose a name based on convenience or to accept a suggestion from the domain provider. Which approach is right?

Maybe neither proposal is entirely appropriate.

The more pristine your domain name the easier it will be for potential customers to find you. If, for instance, your business were named Ed’s Grommet Shop, you would likely do best to acquire a domain that is very simply named . The use of hyphens or underscores is confusing for visitors.

Some netrepreneurs will also try to find a domain name that accentuates a ‘cute’ factor. They might look at a name like or The result is a cute name that is easily forgotten.

You might even try abbreviating the name such as Invariably your abbreviation will be different than the way others might shorten it. In the end your potential customers remain confused.

If you are still working on the development of your online business it might make sense to investigate several business names and discover which names might be available as a domain name.

By simultaneous branding your business name with your domain name you will find it much easier for clients and potential customers to locate your site.

It is possible to choose a name other than your business name, but you may have to work extensively to market the new domain name. Some existing businesses have used their toll-free number as a means of identifying their online presence. There is a well-known flower distributor that lists their online presence with their 800 number and work hard to brand that domain name along with the toll free number for contact. In essence they kill two marketing birds with one domain name – website and personal contact.

Some businesses may also make the mistake of selecting a free online hosting site with a domain name that has little to do with you or your business. The belief is that this no-cost solution is a help to the development of your online company. Most of these sub-domains are largely ignored by online users and may not rank well in search engines.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to launch your ecommerce site yet, take some time to research not only your business, but a name that can be easy for customers to remember if for no other reason than it is your actual business name.

Domain Names: The Remembrance Factor