Chinese Dating – Leaning Some Little Known Facts About This Ancient Country

Chinese Dating – Leaning Some Little Known Facts About This Ancient Country

People seeking Chinese dating partners should consider gathering correct information about the major historical, cultural, religious and even the political aspects of the lives of the oriental people. Nurturing stereotypes and half baked truths would only alienate them from the girls they meet online. On the other hand, there are numerous interesting facts about this ancient nation that will leave you astounded and make initial interactions with Chinese girls much fun. Given below are some of these interesting facts.
1. In the design of the Chinese flag, the color red represents the Chinese revolution while the big yellow star represents communism and the smaller stars represent the people of China.
2. Chinese people currently hold the Guinness World Records for the woman with the longest documented hair, the greatest number of needles inserted into the head at one time as well as the greatest number of bowls broken in one minute with one finger.
3. Given the rapid pace of development in China, it is really not surprising that China is the largest importer of steel and concrete in the world. In addition it produces nearly 95% of the world’s rare earth minerals and exports it.
4. China is known for its four great inventions, namely paper, compass, gunpowder and moveable face type printing. In addition, the wheelbarrow, ketchup, ice-cream and kites were also invented in this ancient country.
5. Contrary to what many people using Chinese dating sites think, the game of ping-pong was invented in England and not in China, while football, commonly known as soccer in the western world was invented in China.
6. One of the least known facts about China is that it is home to 56 recognized ethnic groups with the Han community forming nearly 95% of the total population of the nation.
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