Check out Your Target Employer’s Background

Check out Your Target Employer’s Background

For companies and employers, it is necessary to conduct a background check on the applicants and/or new recruits to avoid hiring mistakes and lawsuits.

If you are an applicant and you find an employment opportunity with a certain company, of course, it is also necessary to check them out. You must conduct an employer background check on a business establishment or company where you intend to establish a relationship by applying for employment opportunity.

By doing so, you will know if the company indeed has good reputation as they claim. You may also want to be associated with a company properly licensed under the laws of the state and federal government, without liens, bankruptcies, judgments or civil actions involving the principals of the company. You are perfectly justified of conducting a background search.

Steps in Conducting Employer Background Check

1. Confirmation of company reputation – much significant information can be taken from records at the local community where the company is located.

Except for multinational corporations, every local business or company has its roots in particular community roots where it is located. They also take careful steps in conforming to the local community’s law and ordinances.

You can find the main source of information about the business you like to be connected with through the local community where it is established.

You can also look for articles abut the company, its framework and principles in local and national newspapers.

2. Verification of Company’s reputation – while doing your background check on an employer and his or her company, make sure to ask for references. This will enable you to double check any information you find out.

You can ask the present employees of the business to derive good information about the employer. These employees could be your reliable informants to provide the best picture of the employer and his company.

You can also ask further about employment conditions in the said company, always stipulating what you have heard and asking what is really existing.

Business Licensing – check out if the company has license to operate and dutifully follow employment laws specific in the area they are located.
You can verify this by noting if they have a license number in their business card. Then, you can also check its validation at the Department of Trade and Industry licensing office.

Most probably, an employer with no license to operate does not follow proper employment guidelines.

Federal Employer Identification Number, FEIN – Every US citizen and persons working legally in the country, has their Social Security Number (SSN). In the same note, all corporations in the country are issued with a Federal Government assigned number, (FEIN). You can also trace if your target employer has the FEIN.

3. Probing into the Company’s history and principles – You can also dig deeper into your target employer’s background by researching its history. You may also want to know who makes the major decisions in the company.

Know if they have employment disputes faced and litigation. More often than not, it is better to be employed in a company without the reputation breach in employer-employee relationships

You can also conduct in-depth investigations on the company’s court records, lawsuits and judgments, bankruptcy files, and tax liens.

If there is a criminal record for every individual, it is possible to conduct a criminal history background check, also.

Check out Your Target Employer's Background