Toy Dogs

Toy Dogs No, you don’t wind them up and they don’t take batteries “Toy” dogs are becoming more popular all the time. These little dogs, the result of generations of selective breeding, are generally bred as companion animals and people just seem to love them. Their miniature size and playful nature (most toy breeds are …

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Dog Clock

Dog Clock It’s not uncommon these days to have a “themed” item. An inclination, a fancy –or even abhorrence, a superstar idol, an unforgettable flick or even the present state of the surroundings is an influence that shapes “themed” items. Now I have seen Nightmare before Christmas Tiffany Lamp (recommended movie), Albert Einstein busts, Jenna …

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What are Pug Puppies?

What are Pug Puppies? Pug puppies make wonderful pets. Pugs are very affectionate and loyal, and are happy to curl up at your feet. If you’re looking for pug puppies for sale, you can be sure of a loving companion. Pug puppies are playful with children, they get along well with other household pets an …

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