Cabbage Soup Diet

Do Popular Fad Diets Work?

Do Popular Fad Diets Work? It seems like so many celebrities today market their own diet, exercise, or weight loss programs, celebrities like Suzanne Somers or Kathy Ireland. The appeal of these programs is obvious, because celebrities are always so trim and healthy-looking. And since celebrities are often amiable and trustworthy, it’s easy to trust …

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Cabbage Detox Diet

Cabbage Detox Diet It is only recently that people have actually paid particular attention to the need for detoxification. Although the concept has been around for years, it has been unceremoniously taken the back seat for what people deem to be more important. However, nowadays people have developed keen interest in detoxification, mainly people are …

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Detox Soup Diet

Detox Soup Diet Over the years, there have been a lot of diet programs that seem to come and go in such a rapid pace. Health enthusiasts and other people who desperately need to shed some pounds are always on the lookout for a better and healthier diet plan that would best work for them. …

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