Calcium Magnesium Drink

Calcium Magnesium Drink

The most common human body mineral is Calcium, with about ninety-nine percent of body calcium entirety in the teeth and bones, in addition to one percent in soft tissues and blood. Magnesium on the other hand, is the body’s fourth most rich cation, with sixty percent found in bones and forty percent spread equally among non-muscular tissue and muscle. Together calcium and magnesium work hand in hand to give the body’s bone, teeth, and muscles what it needs to be strong.

Calcium and magnesium deficiency can cause health problems such as muscle cramps, insomnia, tension, aches and pains, diabetes, high blood pressure, PMS, and osteoporosis. Magnesium is vital for the absorption of calcium and has an important role in muscle, nerve, and heart function. Together with Vitamin C and D, they are become great aids for Calcium absorption, with studies suggesting that calcium with Vitamin D aid in preventing, slowing down, and even reversing the painful results of bone loss.

There are a lot of calcium supplements out in the market today with various forms such as tablets, capsules, liquids, powder drinks, and more. One of the most popular forms and the latest nutritional development of calcium and magnesium supplements are calcium magnesium drinks. Calcium magnesium drinks in powdered form is easily mixed with water and speedily absorbed by the body.

Scientifically, it is a fact that mineral amount absorbed is more essential than quantity consumed, as minerals can’t get to the bones and strengthen them if they are not absorbed properly, and so absorption is a vital way of determining the advantages of magnesium and calcium. Calcium magnesium drinks have been shown to be easily absorbed by the body thus being more beneficial and efficient.

The power of calcium and magnesium together in calcium magnesium drink has also been known to bring a calming effect to the body, even with kids who have hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder (ADD) benefit from the natural soothing blend of calcium magnesium drink.

Calcium magnesium drinks provide for an easy and tasty way to get the important minerals the body needs. Plus it comes in different flavors such as tropical fruit, grape, orange, lemon-lime, or flavorless.

Remember, it’s no longer ‘you are what you eat’, but what it’s what you absorb. No matter how much calcium magnesium supplements you take if the body is not able to assimilate its form, one cannot harvest its benefits.

Calcium Magnesium Drink