Blogging Why Blog for your Business

Blogging – Why Blog for your Business

In this day and age where we rely so much on various gadgets like smartphones, tablets, and computers, business owners are forced to shift their marketing radar over to the digital realm. Their customers are now reliant on Google to deliver information that they need, whether it’s a recipe for a chocolate cake or the address to the nearest law firms within an area.
It’s really no surprise to see huge corporations and executives own a blog or have their own social media profiles. If they can see the huge marketing potential of the Internet, other business owners should too. One of the most powerful tools that business owners can have on the Internet is a blog.

But why use a blog? Why not websites, or why should you even use a blog for your business? Let me give you a few reasons.
1.) On the Internet, blogs act avenues for information. They can hold an infinite number of content, from articles to images to videos. People log on to the Internet if they want to look for something. If your business’ blog holds relevant information, they will consider your blog as a reputable source of information. This also builds brand presence online.
2.) What makes blogs so attractive to business owners is that they are so easy to use. Blogs are easy to use.Unlike websites, blogs like Blogger and WordPress have a unique UI or user interface which allows you to publish content and layout your blog with a few clicks of a button. There’s no need to do some hard coding just to publish something.
3.) Blogs are free. You can setup an account and your blog without having to spend money, unless you opt to buy more bandwidth for your hosting and your own domain name. Blogger is a good blogging platform from Google which allows you to tweak the templates of your blog just by uploading the XML file. WordPress’ free account is limited because you are not allowed to upload themes unless you buy the hosting. Even if you were to purchase hosting and domain, you’d only spend an average of up to 0 a year for both. Pretty cheap and cost-effective too.

Blogging is used by business owners to showcase their products or to show the online world what their business is all about. If your business can’t afford to purchase air time from radio and TV stations, I suggest you invest in blogging. It’s cheaper and casts a wider net for your business.