Blogging Popular Blog Media To Choose From

Blogging – Popular Blog Media To Choose From

Blogging is hitting the Internet by storm. Its popularity has paved the way to various blogging celebrities and even innovative posts that are remarkable on the Internet. It has transcended more than a niche to share one’s thoughts and expertise. It is now a medium for providing various information of products and services from businesses that cater to various fields like travel, fashion, gadgets, and more. It is no wonder that having a blog today is as important as having your own social media account.

With the popularity of blogging, many are slowly embracing this form of media. To date, there are already many blogging sites that one can consider. One of which is Blogger, WordPress, and Tumblr. These three have been the most notable ones and fairly has vast number of blogs and accounts. If you have been contemplating in making your own blog and having difficulty choosing which blogging platform to use, perhaps the notes below can help you.

1. Blogger. Blogger is the Google’s blogging platform. If you have a Gmail account, creating one would be easy since you can use your existing account for the blog. Once you already have an account, you can just setup the address of your blog or your blog’s domain. Then you can start creating your own posts. What makes Blogger unique is that you can easily incorporate ads and earn from it through Adsense, also from Google. Blogger has its own ads niche that you can just drag and drop in your blog’s layout. It will automatically appear on your blog’s page once it goes live. Blogger also has a great blog analytic program called Google Analytics that gives data on your blog’s hit, market reach, and audience.
2. Wordpress. This has always been a popular blogging platform. What made it so famous is the use and incorporation of widgets. These are external programs that you can install to make your blog more appealing. Aside from that, these widgets even allow easy incorporation of social media links and more. You can even create your own widget if you know how to program using XML and JavaScript.
3. Tumblr. Tumblr is considered the blog for the youth. The reason being is that with Tumblr, you can easily follow and share a post that you want. In return, these posts will be shown on your Tumblr account. If you prefer easy sharing of posts, then Tumblr would be ideal for you. You can also be able to track your number of followers.

To date, there are already quite a number of blogging platforms available in the web, apart from these 3. These three are perhaps the most popular and most preferred by a lot of people. Regardless of choice, the most important thing is that you can start blogging.

Blogging Popular Blog Media To Choose From