Blog Marketing, New Hit Or Outdated?

Blog Marketing, New Hit Or Outdated?

Blog marketing, and bloggers are media. The whitehouse among other places now recognize bloggers as member of the media, hence blog marketing must be the media agent. No the question is how to capitalize on that point and to do it now before the competition discover this landmine.

On way to use Blog marketing is to build your email list through the blog, and also to have your blog become that email list. By encouraging your readers to subscriber either via RSS or email is one way to do that. But how to you grow the subscriber list?

Make subscribing easy-Attach a link to each of your posts with a subscription link.

Stay focused-Keep your postings limited to the subject of your blog. it is easy when using blog marketing to make one quick post about your souse, children or the weather and it changes the whole focus of the blog.

Offer a Bribe-It’s an ethical bribe, in the form of a free ebook, report, e-course or audio series. Typically this only works with email subscriptions tied to autoresponders, because you want to condition delivery of the bonus on subscription. If you have a WordPress blog, use the free Feedvertising plugin to link to the download page for your free gift. Since Feedvertising links only show up in the feed (and not in the post), only feed subscribers will see the link and have access to the bonus.

Use viral ebooks-This is a spin on the ethical bribe strategy, but instead you let other people give away your PDF ebook or even bundle it for sale with other products. The PDF in turn promotes your blog. Check out this post to see how I bundled my free Viral Copy report with a book that spent several days at the top of the Amazon bestseller list.

Dedicated subscription landing page-Create a page that is dedicated to nothing more than obtaining a subscription, and drive traffic to it from your blog, AdWords, or really any other source you want. You can even put it on a unique URL, and add in the ethical bribe strategy to increase signups. For more information on doing this with AdWords, read this article, and then this one.

Following these five steps will have your blog gaining subscribers quickly, provider you are using unique relevant content.

Blog Marketing, New Hit Or Outdated?