Baton Rouge Animal Shelter

Baton Rouge Animal Shelter

Pets need as much care as humans do. In fact, animals who are well-cared for can be a person’s most faithful and trustworthy companion.

You don’t have to be an animal welfare advocate to know how to properly treat animals. In fact, practically the same rules in treating other persons apply to our pets. But since not all people realize this, or are purposely ignoring this fact, concerned citizens took it upon themselves to “speak up” and take action in behalf of our animal-friends.

Like in some other places, Baton Rouge has felt the need for an organization that will serve to fight for the welfare of animals. Thus, the Capital Area Animal Welfare Society was conceived. Being a non-profit group, this Baton Rouge animal shelter does not get any funding from the government, but is entirely supported by donations, as well as its own fundraising activities.

Unpaid volunteers completely control CAAWS, and the organization’s total funds are spent on the animals. This Baton Rouge animal shelter’s biggest fundraising programs include the Krewe of Mutts, or the yearly spring dog parade, and the Santa Paws, a winter photo event.

Obviously, there are only two things that make the Baton Rouge animal shelter continually live up to its mission of finding homes for the animals – volunteers and money. People who feel that they can spare some of their time by taking part in activities like educating pet owners, fund raising, and adopting pets, are definitely welcome. Financial assistance is likewise appreciated. For more information regarding how you can extend support to the Baton Rouge animal shelter, log on to CAAWS website at

Animal overpopulation is a huge concern. With more animals and few homes to put them in, one of Baton Rouge animal shelter’s major tasks is to conduct educational programs to make known to the public the need to stop animal overpopulation. Obtaining living homes for the animals may be as important, but if the pet population will continue to rise, this will enhance the need for foster and permanent homes.

Baton Rouge animal shelter or CAAWS is committed to finding homes for every animal in the city. It believes that by obtaining homes for all animals, it will reduce the burden experienced by the Animal Control. Most importantly, animals will each be able to find security and proper care in their new homes. So if you want to make a difference, do your share. Don’t make the saying, “be kind to animals” a mere lip service.

Baton Rouge Animal Shelter