The True Meaning Of Dating

The True Meaning Of Dating

Dating is a term used to describe a type of social activity usually done by two people with the sole intention of getting to know the person more, on a deeper level. The dating activity is at most agreed upon by the two parties or could even be arranged by a third party. Most boyfriend and girlfriend relationships start with the dating process. Even the husband and wife bounded in marriage couldn’t bypass this act. Dating has been around since Adam and Eve were created. When both sexes felt the warmth feeling of infatuation in them, they soon started spending that precious time together.

And soon Adam found himself on cloud 9 with the butterflies in his head. Eve got to know Adam better. And the rest was history as they say. It is in dating that one gets a closer look at the other person. It is in dating that one is affirmed of the other. It is in dating that the bond of friendship is strengthened. With it comes the better understanding of the person that will in time enable both to prepare for a bigger commitment in the future. If done properly, dating can have such fruitful results.

How is dating done? Much has changed today. The dating process that our grandfathers knew is no longer commonly practiced today. The traditional way of asking the girl out formally from their parents is now considered difficult and burdensome. Considering the shotgun in her Father’s closet, few would wish to go the hard way. Remember when you grandma retold you a story about how she and your grandpa got their first date?

A letter perhaps, sealed with a kiss! The old school dating would usually be a time out for a meal or a favorite entertainment pastime. And most of the time, the guy has to do all the paying for the date. Now in the modern age, with all its modern technology, we find more modern ways to make dating easier and faster for us. I wonder if it has resulted to better outcomes too in the quality of our relationships.

We find ourselves now in the new era of dating. New terms have been tugged in to define the new ways of our dating approaches. There is speed dating. Speed dating is a newly practiced style adapted from a Jewish custom which aims to encourage people to get to know a number of people, often large numbers, thereby increasing their options in looking for a potential mate. There’s group dating, which involves not only two but more individuals. It was made popular by the Japanese when they found it hard to find their ideal partners.

It is composed of times spent together in restaurants and places where food and drinks were readily available, making it an ideal venue for acquaintance. There is mobile dating too, commonly practiced in countries and cities where cellular technology is available. The person sends messages via the phone and then soon becomes a springboard for other possibilities. Then there’s the popular online dating. Made possible by the internet, it is the fastest, easiest, cheapest way to date.

Countless ways of dating may be known. No one knows what dating will be like in the next 20 years. But its purpose and nature still runs the same. It’s about finding that someone who will walk with you, laugh with you, cry with you, not just for a moment but for a lifetime. Eventually, we will come to appreciate dating as a way of building long lasting relationships and not just plain fun and excitement.

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