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Google recently launched” One box” that appears on the portion of the search result page above the organic result which google sometimes uses to display vertical search. One box unit often appears to highlight news, shopping, image sand other results that are blended into regular listing using Universal Search

It is a list of potential related conditions that assist in refining search result future. When one of the keyword links is clicked the searcher is led to a refreshed search engine result page with refined result.

Google one Box result

On top of organic result, Google show one box results for queries that can be answered instantly.

There are several kinds of results:
1 Movie Search: Google aggregates movies reviews and if you live in India, Google also offers movie ShowTime’s for theater near to you
2 News Search if there is news related to your query, you’ll on the top.
3 Weather: Type of Indian New York to see the forecast for India.
4 Stock quotes: If you enter a ticker symbol, you’ll get live quotes and information from google finance and other sites.
5 Travel: You can check the status of a flight or buy tickets online
6 Maps: enter the address and you’ll see the link to google maps. There is option of start and end point of address.
7 Local businesses: You can search for something like “ice cream parlor” to get information about local business.
8 Google Books: You the need to match the title of a book available at google books. For reading the eBooks is available.
9 Google Groups: You’ll see this for technical queries’, like an error in c++ complier or MSOffice
10 Blog Search: Discover the recent blog post that matches your query. It might help to add the “blog” your query to trigger.
11 Desktop: If you have Google desktop, Google will insert the results from the search.
12 Questions: You can find the answer to every simple factual question like “Obama birthday”.

Information Faster than ever with enterprises
Google OneBox for enterprises changes people’s expectation for enterprises search, providing a new way to0 give people relevant from any information system. There are different types of software which support for Google OneBox Enterprise Make it possible to create services from any application that can provide user with convenient, real time access to data that user read.

How the Information flows

Google OneBox for enterprises gives organization the ability to provide users with specific results to their query pulling from information in directories, application and nearly any source of information which can be inside or outside.

Let’s see in following steps how it works

User enter a query into search system, powered by google search appliance
The OneBox trigger determines if the query is relevant to a given OneBox module. They are simple like keywords
The Google search appliance makes a secure REST call to the predefined OneBox provider, passing security credentials.
They provide the user the information to determine appropriate, user-specific, secure result to the query and pass those results back to Xml appliance.
The Xml is transferred into html based on the XSL template provided in Module and presented to the user In line With their search result.
Finally formatting the result to the particular query

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Sprayable Energy – One best alternative to boost yourself during tired working hours

Sprayable Energy – One best alternative to boost yourself during tired working hours

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Sprayable Energy is the world’s first topical energy spray. It’s a product you spray on your skin to get smooth-focused energy without the downside of too many coffee or energy drinks. Sprayable Energy does not contain sugar or added calories, and doesn’t promote heartburn or an upset stomach.

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If you want the energy you need, but are constantly on the go and don’t have time to brew that cup of tea or coffee, take along a handy pocket-sized bottle of Sprayable Energy today.

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