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Swimming in the Dating Pool with Painful Hemorrhoids

Swimming in the Dating Pool with Painful Hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoids and swimming in the dating pool is not easy. Dating is difficult enough whether you are speed dating, using an online dating service like eHarmony, or meeting people the old fashioned way by going out places.

Regardless, swimming in the dating pool with hemorrhoids is a terrible position to be in socially. Sometimes Cupid’s arrow takes time to find the right target.

Dating is trickier when you develop hemorrhoids very early on in a brand new dating relationship.

I was speaking with a single friend that works in the same office that I do. She is recently divorced and now swimming in the dating pool looking for a relationship.

I am not expressing this because we are good friends, but she is extremely and witty. A high percent of marriages end in divorce. Her professional career is going great and being in early her 30s she does not want to sit alone at home.

My friend easily attracts the attention of men when we are out with other friends from work for happy hour. She is what they call a head turner. It was not too long once she was swimming in the dating pool that bar sharks started to circle after she no longer wore a wedding ring.

My attractive and witty friend told me she had no interest in using online dating services and was going to allow her closest friends to play cupid for her to single gentlemen that they felt met her standards.

After a few dates set up by friends (Sorry about Ian) that did not work out she finally found someone she liked that was also swimming in the dating pool after a divorce and wanted to see him for a second date.

Cupid’s arrow was a phrase she used to describe the experience after to initial dates with her new dating interest.

My coworker friend was introduced to this new possible love match through a USC college friend she has stayed in contact with.

Life is unpredictable as we all know. My friend’s divorce got nasty. A lot nastier than she had expected it to be when she originally filed for divorce and her soon to be ex-husband said he was okay with it all. He changed his mind.

The divorce stress ate her up emotionally and physically. It is tough to watch a friend cope with a nasty and heated divorce. The new guy she was dating was aware of her situation, but knowing still does not make things easier.

The stress of the divorce proceedings caused her chronic constipation that eventually resulted in an external hemorrhoid developing. She was open and honest with me because she knows I am former hemorrhoid patient that had to have laser surgery to remove my external hemorrhoid.

She also knows I am a contributing writer for hemorrhoids online. I am open about it with everyone in my office. Hemorrhoids are a part of life and nothing to be ashamed of.

My friend was nervous and worried how to express to her new dating interest she would be unable to see him until after she had an external hemorrhoid treated and cured.

My friend asked what I thought since she remembered I experienced the same situation with my girlfriend. I formed a painful external hemorrhoid when she and I first began dating. I told my gal pal honesty is the best choice. The divorce got extremely stressful and bitter resulting in a painful external hemorrhoid. The new love interest should understand her divorce situation. My girlfriend expressed to me he she was happy I was honest about my health issue and continued to date me.

Unfortunately, my gal pal did use my dating advice and told her new dating interest about her external hemorrhoid and he was not understanding about it. He had a mistaken belief that hemorrhoid problems are the result of having poor personal hygiene.

Their brief whirlwind relationship ended. Her external hemorrhoid was treated and cured using a simple combination of sitz bath therapy and a fiber supplement.

I am happy my gal pal did not have to get hemorrhoid laser surgery for her external hemorrhoid like I went through. As friends we had many laughs over how this guy stopped dating her because she had an external hemorrhoid.

The reason her new dating relationship ended simply meant the guy was not ever going to be her soul mate and she actually benefited finding this out before getting serious with this guy.

Swimming in the dating pool with hemorrhoids is going to happen to many singles out there looking for love. Hemorrhoids are a part of life that millions of us will experience one time in our life.

There are different medical studies that report 75 percent of the global population will get hemorrhoids once in their lives. Even if that hemorrhoid number is slightly inflated by medical experts it still means hemorrhoids will impact lots of single people swimming in the dating pool looking for someone to love.

If a person stops dating you because of hemorrhoids you are better off to let them go and not look back.

My friend is back swimming in the dating pool hoping to find love, but this time around she is free of hemorrhoids because of sitz bath treatment and added dietary fiber.

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