Birth injuries-attorney is very helpful in ensuring a fair settlement and possible compensation. Unfortunately, many parents and guardians do not know exactly when to file for a claim and hire the services of a lawyer. Many people believe that whatever happens to the baby or the mother during birth is by accident hence they do not file for claims. A birth injury lawyer represents a client for possible medical malpractice during pregnancy, birth and after birth care. There are injuries that cannot be avoided during birth especially to the mother. However, do not take any chances as you can file claims for injuries incurred due to medical negligence or malpractice to you as a mother or your baby. All you need to do is to identify a trustworthy attorney firm and hire a lawyer. Here are situations that require representation by a qualified attorney.
Before Birth
Injuries can occur to either mother or baby and sometimes to both during the nine months of pregnancy. This is a period when the mother attends prenatal clinics regularly entrusting her well – being and that of her baby to the doctors and the midwives. However, a lot can go wrong during this time ranging from late diagnosis of some life threatening conditions to injuries to the baby. A good example is when the mother suffers from maternal diabetes that goes for sometime without being noticed leading to miscarriage. In addition, some medicine may be prescribed for the mother to take that causes deformities to the unborn baby. Proclamation is a condition that attacks the mother and it is fatal if it is not controlled on time. When any of these happens most people tend to let it go as just natural causes. To the contrary, it is advisable to file for a claim having an experienced birth injuries-attorney to represent you.
During Delivery
This is a crucial time for both the mother and the baby. The expertise of the midwife and the doctor is required with maximum keenness to ensure that the birth process is safe. There are cases that negligence or malpractice may occur leading to situations that are fatal to both mother and baby or causing injuries. Cases like rupturing of the uterus during birth, fistula, cerebral palsy due to unnecessary prolonged labor or fractures of the baby’s bones may occur due to negligence. All these situations call for legal attention for possible compensation and justice. Thus a diligent birth injuries-attorney should be hired for the success of your case.
After Birth
When the baby is delivered off, it is time to relax and hold the bundle of joy in the hands of the loved ones. The fact is that abnormalities or illnesses in the baby or the mother may go unnoticed as the joy covers all. The truth is that most people realize that all is not well after weeks or months. This may range from foreign objects left in the mother’s womb during the cesarean operation or undiagnosed conditions in the baby. Remember that if some of these situations and conditions are noticed or diagnosed on time they can be controlled causing minimal or no harm at all. In case of any of these situations it is time to call for a birth injuries-attorney to represent you hence winning the case.

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Hard-Hats Help, But Personal Injury on Construction Sites May Still Require Personal Injury Attorney.

Hard-Hats Help, But Personal Injury on Construction Sites May Still Require Personal Injury Attorney.

Construction work of any kind can come with unpreventable accidents, but when those accidents are preventable, a visit to a Portland, Ore., personal injury lawyer may be needed. While there is inherent risk with most construction jobs, there are times when ill-preparedness and lack of proper supervision can get people into trouble. Because Construction Law can be so complicated, a personal injury attorney or premises liability attorney can help determine if another party is, in fact, liable for compensation.

When it comes to premises liability in Oregon, several factors come into play. For what reason was the plaintiff on the property? Were they invited or trespassing? Premises liability lawyers know which questions need answering for determining whether a defendant owes a duty of care. As is written in the general statement of Oregon premises liability law, “a plaintiff who intends to assert a negligence claim sounding in premises liability must still plead and prove that the defendant owed the plaintiff a duty of care,” which a premises liability lawyer can determine.

While one’s ability to file a personal injury claim might also be tied up in premises liability, construction law can also play a part. If a plaintiff has followed all of the employers safety standards and has still suffered from a personal injury on the job, “[i]njured construction-site workers may have a claim against design professionals for inadequate supervision.” However, personal injury attorneys can help sort out the details of the case to determine if such a claim can be brought, and where the actual negligence lies.

In September, a Gresham man was working on a road construction project in Vancouver, Wash., when a piece of equipment fell on top of him, causing serious injury. The investigation of the accident is not yet complete. However, if results show that the worker was following safety guidelines, and it was the action or inaction of another party which caused the accident, a personal injury attorney can likely help him receive fair compensation for his injuries.

If you or a family member has been injured on a construction site in Beaverton, Tigard, Gresham, Hillsboro, or any other city in or around Portland, contact the Portland law offices of Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys. With extensive experience in premises liability and personal injury law, Dwyer Williams Potter Attorneys can help you sort through the details of your case, determine liability, and advocate for you in discussions with defendants and insurance companies. Dwyer Williams Potter works hard to receive fair compensation for their clients. To contact them, call 888-247-9023 or visit www.roydwyer.com.

Roy Dwyer believes that individuals and corporations should and must be held accountable for careless and negligent acts which injure or kill innocent people. Dwyer Williams Potter LLP’s Oregon workers compensation attorney has 70 years of experience representing employees who suffer on the job injuries throughout Portland Oregon.

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