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How To REALLY Use Google Part Three

How To REALLY Use Google Part Three

In Part One, we covered the basics of searching on Google.com and in Part Two we moved into more advanced search techniques. In today’s third installment we will peer into some ways of using Google you may have never thought of or knew existed.

DATE RANGES: You may limit your search to an exact date of a “range” of dates that a page was indexed by Google. To use Google’s “daterange” function, you will need to express your dates in “Julian” dates. This date format is express as an integer. To convert a common date into Julian format go to: http://www.24hourtranslations.co.uk/dates.htm

As an example, if I wanted to find pages (about a certain topic) indexed by Google during the month of May 2003, I would type in:

“spyware removal” daterange: 2452774-2452803

TYPES OF FILES: You can limit your Google search results to specific files ending in a particular extension (.doc, .txt, .rtf, .pdf etc…)

To find a file on the topic “spyware remover” in Adobe (.pdf) format you would type in: “spyware remover” filetype:pdf

You can exclude certain types of files from your search by doing a “negative” search and placing a “minus” ( – ) sign in front of the “filetype:”

ANCHOR TEXT SEARCHES: Allow you to just search the “anchor” text in web page link anchors. Link anchors are the words that appear between: anti-spyware software In this case it’s the phrase Anti-Spyware Software

PLAIN TEXT SEARCHES: By using Google’s “intext” search capabilities, you can search JUST the body text of web pages and not any links, urls or titles, just the body. Simply type:

intext:”spyware remover”

CACHE SEARCHING: This form of searching will only search for results on sites that are stored in Google’s “cache’ or memory. This sometimes can give you older versions of sites. Example:

cache: spyware.pcwash.com

LINK SEARCHES: Want to know how many and what sites have links back to your site? Just search for your domain preceded by “link:”

link: spyware.pcwash.com

INFO SEARCHING: Find out what information Google has stored about a particular web page or site by searching:

info: spyware.pcwash.com

GOOGLE’S PHONEBOOK: Yes, Google has a phenomenal phone book database allowing you to search for both residential and business phone numbers. You may use the following search orders:

FN or FI (first name or first initial), LN (last name), city
FN (FI), LN, state
FN (FI), LN, area code
FN (FI), LN, zip code
phone # including area code (ex: 111-222-3333)
LN, city, state
LN, zip code

To find the phone number of the Whitehouse you would search:

phonebook: whitehouse washington dc

To find the phone number of the John Smith in Anytown, NY you could search:

phonebook: john smith ny


phonebook: smith anytown ny


phonebook: j smith ny

STOCK SEARCHING: Google can generate results on just about any stock because they use the stock information from the Yahoo! finance pages. For example:

stocks: ebay

Phew! Now, this list isn’t even exhaustive, but it will give 99.99% of you enough information and insight to start REALLY tapping into the top ranked search engine in the world: Google.com Go have some fun!

Did you miss one of the previous search articles? Just go to: http://spyware.pcwash.com/articles_1.html

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5 Reasons Why Should You Buy Google Plus One Votes

5 Reasons Why Should You Buy Google Plus One Votes

Google’s newest novelty, Google Plus is a gleaming break for those looking for improved or better rankings on Google search results. Google has defined the Google plus one button as the vote of accuracy and legitimacy of the content and information. So the website/page/blog with greatest votes will logically be getting the most social activity so the more the votes, the better the rankings.
But obtaining the most google plus one vote can be an intricate task provided you are a newbie since established business will naturally get more and more votes. So the public exposure and domination of established businesses might affect your votes but don’t be disheartened you can choose the easier way out, i.e., you can buy google plus one votes and here are the top five reasons to make you understand the value of the Google plus ones votes.Our Internet world is very much like the real world, filled with n number of websites and loads of information and even a small town bakery to the world famous five star hotel, almost everyone has a website and has been using the internet as a means of branding themselves. One can buy google plus ones and beat the competition and get hundreds and thousands of votes in a few days.Buying google plus ones votes is much quicker and easier than the manual process which may take a stretched amount of time. This way one doesn’t have to wait for months for the votes.It is a brilliant way of getting noticed for the small units who can’t afford huge publicity and advertising campaigns. Through this, the small units don’t have to spend humongous amount of finance into finalizing marketing plans and have an online audience for comparatively much lesser prices.Since buying google plus ones is in the market, it is natural for all businesses to be aware of it and some will surely pay attention to all the benefits and will buy in order to rise up on the ladder thus, to fight off the competition boosted by this very new way of getting better rankings it is important of buying google plus one votes.It is proficient, effectual, economic and fast. You can buy 250 google plus one votes for as low as $ 25.99 in just 3 days. Not only that it saves your money and time, it also provides you a platform to showcase and brand your product and find the best suitable market for your business and generate sales.

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The Relationship Between Nanaimo BC Canada and Google Maps

The Relationship Between Nanaimo BC Canada and Google Maps

Nanaimo BC Canada is a British Columbia town on Vancouver Island. It is also known as “Google Earth Town” or “the capital of Google Earth.”

It has been garnering the reputation of being the best town, plotting virtually all of their town’s data directly on Google Maps and Google Earth. From real-time firefighter calls on Google Maps to a wide range of other features, there is no doubt that Nanaimo is dubbed as the “Google Earth Town.”

City Attractions

Nanaimo is Vancouver Island’s second largest city and is situated beside the only natural harbor on the eastern shore of Vancouver Island with the mildest, sunniest climate in Canada. This city offers great outdoor activities: – camping, tennis, golfing, cycling, diving, kayaking, salt and fresh water fishing, swimming, bowling and wild life watching.

Bowen Park offers petting zoo, hiking trails, nature centre, wading pools and swimming. Strolling the Harbourside Walkway enables you to enjoy the spectacular scenes of the harbor and Newcastle, Gabriola islands. The Bastion and the Nanaimo District Museum are situated along this walkway.

You can walk along this historic city and enjoy the well-maintained 19th century architectural buildings. The city houses more than 500 boats in its harbor, which makes it an ideal base for boaters wishing to explore its surroundings. Nanaimo BC Canada is also an ideal destination for business meetings.

Snuggled in Nanaimo’s Old city Quarters are many locally owned galleries and stores. There are department stores located in several malls and shopping centers, such as Harbor Park Mall, Rutherford Mall and Wood grove Centre. Nanaimo also offers great and affordable accommodations from comfortable hotel and motel rooms to luxury ocean suites.

Benefits of being In Google maps:

The Google Earth not only contains Nanaimo spatial information but also downtown details of buildings, and businesses.

Other features include streets, zoning history, garbage collection schedule, buildings, property lines, utilities, building permit number, 3D renderings etc. Everything of Nanaimo has been mapped specifically making it a more informative city to its citizens and the people worldwide.

Embracing Google, the ubiquitous search engine has led Nanaimo, Bc Canada to become the starting point for most internet searches and thus attract tourism.

The real benefit however has been on the economic front and economic development because the wide array of information has led the people to know more about Nanaimo and its Features. Goggle mapping of Nanaimo has not only attracted residents but also new business from outside.

Features of Nanaimo BC Canada in Google Maps

Nanaimo BC Canada has set out to make the most out of Google mapping technologies for their public facing applications. Nanaimo has some incredible content available for Google which includes information, maps, information on city parks, parcel information, 3D visualization of the buildings, and complete business listings. In addition to this Nanaimo has a new device that allows citizens to keep track of fire department incident reports on Google Maps.

Meaning of internet mapping and graphing to people in this Google-sized community

In theory, it could improve their lives by providing more information about the urban environment in which they live. The Google fire service allows people to avoid accident sites by tuning electronic devices.

Nanaimo plans to install GPS devices in its grass cutting machines to enable the residents to bid away the perceptible untidiness of a particular park by searching on Google to find out the last time it was groomed.

So, why not visit the Google Nanaimo BC Canada and explore the city and its beautiful surroundings.

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Why Do People Think That Google So Important?

Why Do People Think That Google So Important?

Google has taken the world, especially the world of the World Wide Web by storm, there is no doubt of that and it just took them a decade or thereabouts to do it. Before the turn of the millennium, Google was a new nerdy toy – normal surfers used Yahoo or, in America, AOL. There were other choices but serious surfers knew that the rest were toys really.

Then came Google and it wiped the floor with AOL and, more recently, Yahoo as well. Google is the acknowledged master of Net search engines in the second decade of this millennium. You may think that is a good enough reason to explain why Google is so important. And why not?

However, there are other reasons why Google is so very important. None of the other search engines empowered surfers to make any money except themselves. All the other search engines used all the information from surfers’ searches to empower and enrich themselves, whereas Google decided to give some back.

This concept, which was world-shattering at the time it was brought in, enabled anyone who could cobble together a web site, the capability of earning a few dollars or even a fortune. Worldwide! Anyone! Not merely Internet and computer-savvy students but anybody.

‘All’ they had to do was create a web site, put some interesting content on it and a couple of snippets of code supplied by Google and hey presto! Anyone clicking on that ad earned the web master money.

We do not actually know what percentage of earnings from clicks web masters get, but Google intimates that it is about fifty percent. You might think that this is fair or you might not, the fact is that some individuals in the world just earn a dollar or two for a long day’s slog, whereas anyone can earn a passive income from Google’s Adsense.

‘Passive income’ in the sense that you compose an interesting series of articles, make them into a website, add Google’s code, promote the website and you will earn an income for possibly years to come. That means that in theory, an African village farmer’s child could earn much more than its parents.

The first time ever that this has happened and Google enabled it!

OK, Google is not a altruistic organization or at least it did not begin that way, but it’s owners did have the foresight to realize that by sharing their income (or paying wen masters to promote them, whichever way you choose to look at it) would encourage web masters to advertise Google.

AOL and Yahoo must be kicking themselves for having been so greedy.

Anyway, that is why Google is so important. It is important because it created a new Internet business model that you can now see other companies attempting to emulate. There are all sorts of firms, especially networking sites offering a couple of cents earnings for putting in some work and there are also advertisers paying publishers of web sites who put their ads up as well, but Google did it first and they are still the market leaders.

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Work At Home – Shorten Your Stay In The Google Sandbox

Work At Home – Shorten Your Stay In The Google Sandbox

Anyone who has launched a website for their work at home business can tell you first hand that it takes a while to get that website to rank in Google. Generally Google does not rank websites for competitive, or even moderately competitive terms for their first year of existence. This is what has been dubbed, “The Google Sandbox Effect”. Of course, Google claims that there is no such thing as a Google Sandbox. However, millions of work at home entrepreneurs will beg to differ. Nonetheless, during this initial year of your website’s existence, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your website receives traffic. This will be the focus of our discussion.

1. Make Your Website Attractive To The Search Engines

The reason why everyone focuses on ranking in Google, is because Google receives the most search traffic. With that being said, there is not reason to disregard the other two of the Big Three, Yahoo and Bing. The truth is that while your work at home website may have a difficult ranking in Google for its first year, it will probably have a much easier time ranking in the other two search engines. As a result, it is important to optimize your web pages for the search engines. Doing so will make your website more likely to rank. This will also come in handy in achieving high Google rankings, once your website jumps out of the sandbox.

2. Get To Work With Link Building

It has been stated by Search Engine Optimization experts that the number one determinant in the prominence of your website’s Google rankings are how many one-way links are directed to it. While this is a rudimentary explanation of Google rankings, it is on the right path. When a website links to your website, it is essentially voting for your site. Each link is considered a vote by Google. Therefore, the more links, the more votes. The more votes, the higher your search engine rankings. As I said, this is an extremely basic explanation. There are many other factors involved, including the prominence of the website from which the link comes. As well as the anchor text used in the link.

Therefore, in the meantime, while your website is sitting in Google’s Sandbox, it is a great idea to build one-way links which point at your website. One way in which you can do this is via what is known as article marketing. Essentially, you write informative articles on topics related to your niche, submit them to article directories, and place a link back to your website at the end of the article. Essentially as I have done in this article.

3. You Have Pay Per Click Advertising at Your Disposal

Yes, free traffic is great, and can be obtained. This is especially true for websites which rank prominently in the search engines. However, while you wait for this to occur with your website, you can steer targeted traffic to your site immediately with Pay Per Click (PPC). In a nutshell, PPC involves bidding for sponsored search engine placement. The higher that you bid, the higher your website will appear in the sponsored search engine rankings. Provided that you utilize keywords and key phrases which lead to a decent conversion rate, you will make money. However, if you fail to test which keywords convert and which do not, you might end up at a deficit. This it is why it is important to pay close attention to conversion rates utilizing this method of paid advertising.

Now you know what is going on if you do not see your website in Google’s rankings within the first year. Please not that how long your website remains in the sandbox also depends in large part on the keywords and key phrases for which you are attempting to rank. A website which is attempting to rank for a more competitive phrase such as, “work at home” will remain in Google’s Sandbox for a much longer time than one attempting to rank for a phrase such as, “work at home in Des Moines Iowa”, which is far less competitive. Just remain consistent overtime with your website optimization, and your site will eventually rank.

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Google And Ways Of Monetization

Google And Ways Of Monetization

Google AdSense is a program of Google where one can host different ?pay per click? ads on his own website. Whenever someone hits the ad off, he simply gets money, as simple as that. However, one needs to understand that it is actually as simple to earn money with Google as many individuals would escort one to believe? This can be done only by researching and managing programs of Google AdSense. Unluckily, many people believed that there were huge opportunities to make huge money online and now they are getting that they are not able to earn money as much as they considered they would. In addition, Google offers various banned practices whenever it comes to earning money through Google AdSense and several webmasters are discovering that they desecrated the policies of Google after the truth, because they never cared for reading AdSense policies before starting with.

Basic fundamentals of Google AdSense program

Before starting with your online money making campaigns with Google AdSense program, you should have huge traffic driven to your website. You can make use of different website promotion strategies, in particular, search engine optimization and article marketing which will no doubt, result loads of traffic or visitors attracted to your website. You will also need to have content that can draw the attention of ads having good pay per click rate that is associated with written content. Then, after this, you should arrange the web pages of your websites in a way that advertisements can mix well in your website. In accordance with the latest surveys conducted, it has been found that the persons who visit the sites which host advertisements using colors that does not harmonize with the genuine website in any way, are likely to develop ad blindness. In other words, no matter the traffic is coming to your website; there are more chances that no navigator will click the ads and no clicking simply means no money making.

Different ad alternatives for earning money through Google

Below are given three techniques to make huge proceedings online:

For Content: There are assortments of shape and size ads to be placed on the site. These can include image or text advertisements or both and one is free to specify the desired one. Ad elements are actually full ads and link elements contain a band of text based links that the visitors might intend to click. ?Google? permits one to place three ad units along with one link component on every web page of site, provided that one is following all its policies for webmasters as well as AdSense.

For research: In this campaign, Google places a kind of search box over the site. When the visitor enters some text and carries out research, a research result web page opens that in turn hosts several pay-per-click advertisements.

Referrals: One can make huge money by persuading others to make use of various Google Products like AdSense, AdWords and Google Toolbar.

As far as the matter of AdSense payments are concerned, Google does not pay anything until the proceedings exceed one hundred dollars. Apart from Google, MSN and Yahoo also offers such online money making programs with he similar fundamentals, however they are not well developed yet.

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Using Advertising of Google Adsense To Make Money

Using Advertising of Google Adsense To Make Money

The program of Google AdSense provides a platform where you are allowed to host various ‘pay per click’ ads on your site. Whenever, any visitor clicks over that ad, you simple earn money, the process is quite simple. Although, before starting, you need to realize that is it really simple to make money through Google AdSense as many people would direct you to believe. You can do this by managing Google Adsense programs yourself or by doing research work. Unfortunately, several individuals consider that there are plenty of money making prospects in these programs and now they are submitting that they were not able to make money as they thought they would. Moving further, Google introduces many prohibited activities whenever making money with Google AdSense and many webmasters are recognizing that they disobeyed the Google Policies.

Fundamentals for earning huge money with Google AdSense

In order to start with making money online or with Google Adsense, one just needs to have loads of traffic driven to his website. Various web site promotion techniques, particularly article marketing and search engine optimization will result in plenty of traffic attracted towards the site. One also requires having content that can exert a pull on the ads having highest “pay per click” rate which is related to the content. After this, one should manage the web pages in such a way so that ads can blend well in the website. As per recent online surveys, it has been revealed that individuals who navigate the websites that host ads which use color contrasts, not harmonizing with actual site tend to grow ad blindness. It clearly means that regardless of the traffic coming into the site, more chances are there that no visitor will hit the ads off. No clicking on the ads means no money at all.

Ad options for making Money through Google

Google introduces three major ways to make huge earnings online:

Content: One can choose different types of sizes as well as shapes for ads to be put up on the site including both text as well as image ads. One can also stipulate the type of image. Link elements actually comprise a group of text based linkages that most visitors would intend to click on while advertisement units are simply full ads. Google allows the persons to put up one link unit and three ad components on each page of the website with the condition that all policies for AdSense and Webmasters are being followed strictly.

Search: Here, Google AdSense program places a type of search box on the site. When the visitor writes any term in the box and conducts research, a page containing different pay-per-click ads is opened up.

Google Referrals: Here, one can earn huge profits by referring other visitors to utilize different Google products such as Google Toolbar, AdWords, AdSense and some Google Software.

Notably, Google does not issue any payments until the earnings of a person surpasses to around 100 dollars. Additionally, Yahoo and MSN are also offering such useful online programs having same fundamentals, though they are not yet so much popular.

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How Google Determines Whether Your Adwords Campaign Is Relevant

How Google Determines Whether Your Adwords Campaign Is Relevant

Proper Adword campaign management includes making sure that your ads are relevant to what is being searched for. But that’s where many Adword campaign managers stop. Sure, the copy of your ad must be relevant to what is being search for, but what about the URLs (website addresses) that show at the bottom of your ad? And what about your website landing page?r

Why, you may ask, does all this matter? Maybe your company has an unlimited budget and you think you are going to buy your way to the top ad position in Google. You may say to yourself “If everyone is bidding $ 10 per keyword, then I am going to bid $ 20.” Then you wonder why you don’t get the #1 ad position or why (if you DO get the #1 ad position) it doesn’t last very long. Worse yet, what if that high ad position is making you lose money on your overall campaign. If you can’t convert enough clickers into leads or sales, then you may be in for a rude financial awakening.

If you are going to be advertise with Google Adwords over the long run, then you had better learn this fact and learn it quickly. YOU CAN’T BUY GOOGLE. No, Google can’t be “bribed” into giving you a top ad position for too long if your “offering” is not what the searchers are looking for. You see, Google has a responsibility to its searchers to serve up the most pertinent ads that relate to the keywords searched on. Google is behaving this way for selfish reasons and because of those reasons people use Google more than any other search engine in the world.

Sure, they like the fact that you have high bids, but if someone else is bidding lower than you for the same keywords, but their ads are getting more clicks AND the landing page of their website appears to be more what the searcher was looking for, then guess ens up getting top ad positions for less money than you are willing to pay?

You see, it is all about your “offering” and making your offering relevant. So what is my offering you may ask? Your “offering” is what we at Absolutely Dominate call a combination of the keywords you buy, the headline in your ad, the ad copy, the display and destination URLs, and (most importantly) your landing page. As we said earlier, most Adword Pay Per Click management companies are concerned only with the various tactics aimed at helping your ad copy match the keywords that were searched. Those kinds of tactics can only work so well.

If you are struggling with Google Adwords, perhaps you need to back up and consider an overall strategy – not just a loosely defined tactic or two, but a strategy which involves a series of well-thought-out tactics that take into account EVERYTHING you are doing…INCLUDING your website copy.

Oh, maybe your Adword management company doesn’t care about your website, but I can assure you that the searcher looking for a product cares…and because they care, Google cares also. And Google has come up with an excellent strategy to reward those who take the time to care, which translates into a lower cost per click. Do you care now that you know this knowledge may save you money?

Again, even if you have a good ad, you had better make sure your site is relevant to what the searcher is looking for. So how does Google determine the relevancy of your site? One way is the words ON your site. Let’ say you sell widgets. Someone searches in Google for “purple widgets” and your ad comes up. The searcher clicks on your site. Will they see the words “purple widgets” on the page or will they simply see the word “widgets”?

You may say that it doesn’t matter as long as you sell purple widgets somewhere on your site. Wrong! Perhaps you should send them to the purple widget page when they click on your ad and not just send them to the home page. Don’t have a whole page dedicated to purple widgets? Then there is another way using what we call “magic keyword insertion”, where the keywords the user searched for are automatically inserted onto the landing page. Sound too sophisticated? Then perhaps you need some sophisticated help. Will that cost money? Yes, but probably not as much as your are spending now in higher Google Adword costs.

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Google Adwords Management – Organic Listings are Crucial for Success

Google Adwords Management – Organic Listings are Crucial for Success

Google Adwords Management involves a lot more than just setting up ads. These days, an “organic” strategy may be every bit as important as a “paid” strategy? So what do I mean by “organic”? No, I’m not talking about food that is grown in your vegetable garden without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, but I AM talking about traffic that your website receives without the aid of excessive spending that could be harmful to your pocketbook.

Organic listings are the results that appear BELOW and to the left of paid ads when you search Google for a keyword term that you want more information about. For example, let’s say that I was in an accident victim and needed to contact an attorney in Georgia. I may go to Google and type in something like “attorneys in Georgia”. If I lived in Nevada and was looking for real estate or if I wanted to move to Nevada, I might type in “homes for sales in Las Vegas”.

In both cases, ads would normally show at the very top of the page and down the right-hand side in Google. Any listing or result that is not an ad is called an “organic” listing. These are the listings that Google “thinks” you may be looking for (based upon the search criteria you entered in the box).

This is actually a very simple concept. Google wants to reward you for using their search service by serving up both relevant ads and also relevant non-ads (organic listings). Google wants to keep you as a customer by making sure they are giving you what you are looking for in your search.

Now why is that important to someone using a paid service like Google Adwords? Well, it is a well-documented, but little-known fact that as many as 70% of those using Google search DON’T click on the paid ads. To put it another way, if 100 people search for a service you provide AND you show up in the paid search results, only 30 of those people will actually click on an ad.

To make matters worse, of the 30 that do click on an ad, only a percentage of those will click on YOUR ad, as you are competing with other advertisers. And even if they DO click on your ad…does that mean you are necessarily going to get a sale or lead out of the click? No!

Wouldn’t it be better if your company were listed in the organic listings as well? If you are, not only are you 2-3 times more likely to get a click, but the click that you end up getting is FREE! Hey, while you’re at it, why not achieve the best of both worlds and be both in the free (organic) and paid (Adword ads on the top and right-hand side) in the Google search results.

So how do you get ranked highly in the organic search results? It is not easy, but it is certainly doable as we have proved over and over again. But what does this have to do with my Adword campaign, though? EVERYTHING.

A good Adword campaign…at least an Adword campaign that is professionally managed includes a strategy for making sure that the “landing” page a customer ends up on (your website) is relevant to what was actually searched on. Google wants to reward the searcher with what they are actually looking for. And the better your website landing page, the better the chances that it appears in the organic listings as well.

To say it another way, Google will reward you, the Google Adwords advertiser with a lower cost per click if your landing page is relevant to what the searching is looking for…and if your website is more relevant, wouldn’t it make sense for Google to present that page in the organic (free) listings as well? The benefit is DOUBLE. Lower costs per click when they click on your ad, and lots of potential free traffic as well!

No, it’s not easy to achieve high Google rankings, but if you haven’t given improving your landing page much thought or if the company managing your pay per click Adwords campaign has not concentrated on this aspect of your business, then I’m afraid your business is suffering…not once, but twice.

Adwords Management can be very tricky to master, but did you know you can actually spend far less in Google Adwords and get even more clicks! George Curtis, a respected expert in google adwords management is giving away a free video on “The Secrets of Adwords Campaign Management” where you’ll discover how to make your adwords campaigns be Super-Profitable. Claim Your Free video now!
Google Adwords Management – Feel Like You’re Losing the Adwords Game?

Google Adwords Management – Feel Like You’re Losing the Adwords Game?

Do you feel like you’re failing in the adwords game? Each morning you get up to check your adwords account to see how many clicks you’ve had and how many sales or leads your campaigns have generated but each morning it’s the same thing. You log into adwords only to find that many of your keywords have become “inactive for search” because Google is charging you with higher click costs. You start looking at your numbers and realize that you’re actually losing more money than you’re actually making.

If this sounds like you then know this; You are not alone! 90% of the advertisers using Google Adwords today don’t know the first thing about building “Profitable” adwords campaigns. That’s right, I’d say that the vast majority of adwords advertisers are actually losing more money in adwords than they are making! Only a small percentage of advertisers have the ability to run profitable, money-making campaigns. Why? Is it because they spend more and bid higher for their clicks?

No, The key to running a profitable campaign in Google Adwords is spending LESS and paying LESS per click! You may ask, “Well why does Google keep on charging me more and more for clicks?” If you want to know why, the answer is because you fall into the 90% of advertisers who don’t know the steps to building profitable adwords campaigns. If you’re not applying the following steps to your adwords campaigns then you’re losing money and leaving a lot more money on the table.

Optimizing Your Campaign For Google Are all of your keywords stuffed into just a couple of ad-groups? If so Google hates it when campaign is like this and determines that your campaign has 0% relevancy! I know, it is days’ worth of work, but you should take each keyword and put it into an adgroup all on its own. It will reduce your click cost by an incredible amount! If you don’t optimize your campaigns for Google you’re going to be “slapped” – meaning that Google will charge you insane amounts of money for your clicks and give your ads horrible placement.

Optimizing your Ads for Google The structure of your ads plays a major role in determining how much you pay per click. Google’s idea of a perfect ad has the keyword that was searched on showing up twice in the ad; once in the ad title, and once in the ad text. If Google see’s that your ad displaying for the keyword, “accident attorney” actually has the keyword “accident attorney” appearing in your ad title and in your ad text then Google is going to reward your ad for being perfectly “relevant” to the keyword that was searched on. You’ll get a lower click cost and higher ad placement.

Keyword Swiping This step is very important if you’re serious about being successful in adwords. Say you do some research and determine two particular advertisers are your top competitors in adwords. They have hundreds or even thousands of keywords that they’re successfully advertising under. This being the case it more than likely took them many months and lots of money to build a profitable keyword list.

What if I told you that you could legally and ethically steal all of your top competitors’ keywords and advertise under them yourself? Meaningthat your competition spends all of the money trying out and testing which keywords work the best and then YOU swoop in and LEGALLY steal all of your competitors’ tried and tested keywords? Why should you spend all of the money to build a profitable keyword list?

Split-testing your Ads every day You know Google rewards good ads? If Google sees you have a great ad with a great click-through-rate, that ad will not only get shown more often, but will also decrease in bid price so that you pay less per click! After testing ads on a consistent basis you end up with super performing ads that not only increase your clicks, but also decrease the amount you have to pay per click!

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