Consumer Counseling As An Alternative To Bankruptcy

Consumer Counseling As An Alternative To Bankruptcy

Consumer credit counseling has grown significantly in the past couple of decades, due mostly to the many people in this country who have accumulated a high amount of debt. Yes, some individuals and families have accumulated such debt and are in a tough financial situation because of unforeseen events, medical expenses, divorce or death, but the majority of the debt in this country is credit card debt. This debt has accumulated so quickly that consumers are not able to meet their minimum payments, which usually only cover the high interest rates applying very little if anything to the principal balance. Bankruptcy was the only option for many people, until consumer credit counseling companies were established as an alternative. These agencies help individuals with repairing their credit by working with their creditors to resolve the debt, make satisfactory credit card debt settlement arrangements and avoid bankruptcy.

New bankruptcy laws have recently come into effect that require individuals to seek consumer credit counseling first and try to find come to an agreement with creditors short of involving the legal system. Bankruptcy is a drastic step and remains on your credit report for ten years, though you can file every seven years. Of course, this is not recommended. After filing bankruptcy, it is possible to get credit again with a secured loan or secured credit card but this is only a small step toward repairing the damage caused by the bankruptcy. Your credit score is reviewed for many reasons, including renting or buying a home, purchasing a vehicle, obtaining employment, applying for a loan or even opening a bank account.

However, consumer credit counseling is not a free service and this, unfortunately, is a barrier in itself for those individuals too far in debt to afford the service. Consumer counseling works on your behalf to help improve your situation, by reducing interest rates, late charges, over limit fees and monthly payments. The counseling agency can consolidate your monthly payments into one payment paid to the counseling agency which will then make the payment on your behalf. The counseling agencies are there to help you reach financial stability and get back on your feet. You can eliminate your debt and settle debt concerns with the help of experienced credit counselors. They will help educate you on how to stay out of debt while you rebuild your credit and find hope for you financial future.

Dating Services Consumer Complaints: A Deep Look at them

Dating Services Customer Complaints: A Deep Take a look at them

Certainly, there are dating services consumer problems that come at hand. Let us just say that some shopper have the tendency to be particular, precise, and demanding. Some problems are petty things while some are severe. Everything depends on the kind of functions the dating services cater to and the kind of people who are handled.

The Dangers of Dating Services Online

Dating services, as offered online, is often a grab for many individuals who seek the possibilities of having the ability to meet other individuals then end up with the most exhilarating sexual or charming encounters. As it goes, these dating services conducted online are frequently the medium of the promotion of matchmaking which nevertheless perks up the availability of prostitution, harassment, and scams.

For somebody to be able to register in a dating services website, the individual information such as gender, age, location, physical functions, and lots of others are required. Now because you would only be communicating through email, chat, message boards, podcasts, or telephone, there is the big chance of faking your identity. Who understands how numerous of the members are doing it? Therefore, authenticity is lost by all methods.

The The majority of Common Dating Services Consumer Complaints

Online dating services are frequently charged with issues most especially with concerns to the payment schemes. A few of these sites are frauds. They lure you with intriguing teasers where you get lured to register without realizing the motive behind. Usually, customers cannot pre review the profiles uploaded in the website. Another known grievances handed in by clients concerning the dating services are the extremely fascinating and attractive profiles which therefore operate as the bait so that brand-new members would register and be prepared to pay. There are similarly those sites which utilize the dating services flagship as a front however then when you register for those, you get directed to other websites that involve rip-offs, prostitution, and marketing strategies.

Then of course, there is the billing complaint. This stands apart as the most common customer problem against online dating services. Trial memberships are often intriguing for dating services members. As is most typical amongst the users of the internet, you usually end up pleased with the chance of chancing upon some trial membership offers of a site. A few of these sites would have the low priced trials too. Possibilities are, you still get charged up with the payment although your trial period has already expired. Many often, the total of the subscription fee gets subtracted from your credit card account.

Avoiding the Dangers

There are nevertheless, internet dating services administrators that are dedicated to serving the best interest of their customers. They do keep track of the activities and behavioral actions of their individuals. There are individuals who handle and track down the common consumer problems, set regulations, and prohibit individuals who breach any of those.

It is vital that you be very careful with your house address and other individual and account information. Taking these safety measures work for the finest.

There are constantly white lies included in the internet dating services. You need to be mindful as you expose yourself to these opportunists. Customer grievances on dating services continue to escalate as time goes by. Why give in yourself as a pawn to it? Be cautious. Look out at all times.

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