Solar Power – The Eternal Source of Energy

Solar Power – The Eternal Source of Energy

With the advancement in the technology, our dependency on the non-renewable resources has increased. Non renewable resources take millions of years to form. These resources include natural gas, oil and coal. These are found deep inside the earth crust. These are fossil fuels that are formed when dead plants and animals get decomposed. Continuous heat and pressure inside the earth results in the formation of fossil fuels. Continuous extraction of these resources will deplete them soon. It is essential for to use them in a sustained manner so that they are available for our future generations. Once they get depleted, it will take next millions of years to form.

Burning of these fuels emits harmful gases that can affect the environment. Thus, these are responsible for climate changes and pollution.

Use of renewable resources is the best alternative to these fossil fuels. Renewable energy is the energy derived from naturally occurring sources like sun, wind and water. Renewable energy includes solar energy, wind energy, hydropower, biomass and geothermal energy. These are considered as the cleanest form of energy as they do not produce pollution. There is no fear of these sources getting vanished as they are available throughout the life time. These resources are gaining wide popularity, and the demand for them is rising across the globe.

Solar Power and Energy is gaining popularity as it is abundantly available. Sun is the ultimate source of solar energy. The energy from the sun is directly converted into electrical energy with the help of solar cells. Solar cell is also known as photovoltaic cell that converts light energy into electrical energy by the photovoltaic effect. A solar cell when exposed to light generates electric current. This electric current can be used to light bulbs or motors. Collection of solar cells is called solar panel. These solar panels not only produce electricity but also store the energy for future use.

There are various advantages of Solar Power and Energy:-

1) This form of energy is environment friendly as compared to the fossil fuels. The solar cells do not release anything into the atmosphere that can create pollution.

2) Solar electricity is cheaper than any other form of electricity. They save a considerable amount of money.

3) Sun is the consistent power source, so one needs not to worry about solar energy getting depleted. Sun is available all the days.

4) Solar panels require very little maintenance, so one has not to spend money on its maintenance. Once installed they will start generating electricity immediately.

5) Solar energy is the cleanest form of energy as it does not create noise pollution.

The applications of solar energy can be broadly categorized into three categories like residential, commercial and industrial. At homes, solar water heaters and solar cookers are used for heating water and cooking food respectively. In industries, it is used for powering TV Station, Radio broadcasting towers, repeater stations and radio telephones. Satellites are powered using solar energy. Commercial building like offices, schools and hospitals use solar energy electrification. Nowadays traffic lights and street lights are being powered by solar energy.

Install Solar Panels Cairns from Naked Energy to curb the wrath of global warming on Earth. Sunlight is the prime source and available all around.

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