Searching for an Addiction Rehab Center

Searching for an Addiction Rehab Center

Are your 50 calls into your rehab center search? Most individuals that are searching for rehab centers, for themselves of a loved one, find this the case more times than not. The real question here, are you asking these rehab centers the right questions? While looking for an effective and caring rehab center there are multiple aspects of treatment that one should look for. Use the following guidelines as a sort of interview for the rehab center you choose; this is vital in deciding on the rehab center that is right for you or your loved one.

Does the rehab center use a multi-faceted approach? There are many variables when it comes to addiction treatment and it is important that each of these principles is addressed. The rehab center should be able to address the physical needs, psychiatric needs, and behavioral needs of each client. There are multiple aspects to addiction and so there is a need for multiple aspects of addiction treatment at the rehabilitation center of your choosing.

Does the rehab center have the ability to adapt on its comprehensive continuum of care? It is important that the rehab center you choose is able to be rapidly malleable to the needs of the patient as these often change throughout the duration of addiction treatment. For example, while detox is typically at the onset of addiction treatment, the rehab center should have the ability to do so at any time as relapse is often an occurrence. Alternately, while substance abuse is the main problem, other aspects, such as mental health and family health, can often impose obstacles in the progress of treatment; these too need to be addressed as needed.

Does the rehab center make itself readily accessible to the patient? It is important that the rehab center has a prominent and large presence in the patient’s life and is readily accessible when needed. While treatment is scheduled, crisis is not and the patient needs to have the ability to contact the clerical, medical, and therapeutic staff when needed. This is a key component of effective care.

Does the rehab center have variations in treatment? Optimal treatment settings and care vary from patient to patient and while most rehab centers do not offer all aspects of care many do have the ability to refer and use a network of other resources to provide the patient with care that meets their needs. Some outpatient rehab centers utilize other residential rehab centers at the initiation of care or during its duration, should the need arise. Ultimately, the rehab center of your choice should have the patient in mind and their motivation and intentions should always reflect this, even if that means referring an individual to a more suited setting.

No one searches for a house, education, or child care without making sure that it is the right fit and meets all of their needs. It is important to do the same with the rehab center of your choice. This is an important investment of resources and time and only the most qualified and effective rehab centers should be sought.

Scott McKinney is the Vice President at Midwest Institute for Addiction; a state liscensed medically assisted treatment center in St. Louis, Missouri. MIA is committed to providing quality treatment.

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