Online Dating And Personal Dating – How They Differ

Online Dating And Personal Dating – How They Differ

Dating is a combination of personality and sexual activity. To suggest otherwise is not just pointless but also a lie. This act of going out, either exclusively or with different people, on social occasions is the first step to the platitude “getting to know stage”. Dating is the door towards relationships.

To simply and bluntly put it, dating filters, scrutinizes and categorizes the people that you can build relationships with. Some of the luckiest people can turn one of their dates as their partner in life. As for the others, there’s friendship and mutual respect.

There are different kinds of dating. Two of the widely acknowledged types are: conventional one-on-one personal dating and the now famous online dating. Both have their own sets of advantages and disadvantages.

Personal Dating

Personal dating is the more recognized type. It can be a casual or a formal date. It is called personal because the person you are going out with is either you know personally or someone that was introduced to you by a family member or friend. The ultimate difference of this type of dating from others is the fact that you personally have a connection with your date. Friends do personal dating. Co-workers go on personal dates. Even if you go out with your friends’ sibling, that’s considered as a personal date as well.

The greatest advantage of personal dating is the knowledge that you know the person. The level of hesitancy and intimidation is much less compared to online dating. Most of the times, relationships are easier to build if you already know the person because you basically have a common ground. Exerting an effort is still advised to make the date successful but the pressure is not that great.

The main disadvantage of personal dating is precisely the same with its advantage. Dating someone you know can be a little tricky and daunting. And sometimes the pressure of making the date fruitful can dampen down the date itself. Since the advantage and disadvantage of personal dating closely resembles and relates to one another, the final decision will ultimately depends on you and your date. If you don’t make dating each other a big of a deal then you’ll probably enjoy each other’s company.

Online Dating

This type of dating is such hype these days that even those who are more comfortable and secured with personal dating are tempted to register and look for online dates. Relationships don’t require systematic or organized first meetings or dates to work. You can meet the person you’ll eventually end up with through the most unexpected and so out-of-your-character ways. Online dating can be the place where you can find the love of your life.

The primary advantage of online dating is the carefree and the more relax process of knowing and going out with someone. The field of online dating is so extensive that you can easily switch from one potential date partner to another. The thing that you have to remember here is that since it’s carefree, you have to restrain yourself from expressing and falling heedlessly in love with your cyber boy/girlfriend.

The primary disadvantage of online dating is the unknown. You never know who’s on the other end of the internet. You don’t know if he/she is lying to you. There’s no certainty that it can sometimes lead to a senseless relationship.

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