Google Shadow, Direct Linking X…

Google Shadow, Direct Linking X…

Google DJK Shadow is a brandnew clickbank product that is created by Chris Mcneeney, the creator of the two number one products in clickbank a few year ago- Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer.

Google Namesis and Day Job Killer were sold out within their first 7 days of lauching. Chris was responsible for helping over 35,000 internet marketers from losing money with adwords to banking big time with google adwords. He has worked hard to developed products that made these tasks easier and more profitable.

Chris’s Project X broke the Clickbank sales records when it was released in October of 2006. Chris did it again when he released the new Day Job killer. He managed to broke the previous record, selling over 9000 copies in the first launch week. The gross account hit $ 1 million within just 7 days.

Chris has helped many frustrated marketers to succeeding with the adwords game. Even though, adwords is getting tougher and tougher everyday. Chris is constantly working to find a solution that will work for everybody even for newbies.

Google Shadow make use of softwares to help new marketing, who has very little experience on website building and help them create mini website to promote via clickbank and adwords.

It is harder now a day to make commission, since the day google adwords banned direct linking to clickbank products.

Nevertheless, Chris has done it again. Google Shadow is all about direct linking. Do not underestimate this strategy. It is simple and straightforward but can be very profitable if using it right.

He will show you how to put this strategy to work for you when you sign up to be a google shadow member and help make you make daily income that you have always wanted from clickbank, microsoft and amazon.

Direct linking is quite easy, since the software will tell you which products have potential of making you the most money and how you going to promote it with the step by step traffic plan system.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to manage any products or get in touch with any merchants or customers. This is automatically handled for you so you can get the commission and cash the checks.

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