Google Adwords Management – Organic Listings are Crucial for Success

Google Adwords Management – Organic Listings are Crucial for Success

Google Adwords Management involves a lot more than just setting up ads. These days, an “organic” strategy may be every bit as important as a “paid” strategy? So what do I mean by “organic”? No, I’m not talking about food that is grown in your vegetable garden without the use of pesticides or other harmful chemicals, but I AM talking about traffic that your website receives without the aid of excessive spending that could be harmful to your pocketbook.

Organic listings are the results that appear BELOW and to the left of paid ads when you search Google for a keyword term that you want more information about. For example, let’s say that I was in an accident victim and needed to contact an attorney in Georgia. I may go to Google and type in something like “attorneys in Georgia”. If I lived in Nevada and was looking for real estate or if I wanted to move to Nevada, I might type in “homes for sales in Las Vegas”.

In both cases, ads would normally show at the very top of the page and down the right-hand side in Google. Any listing or result that is not an ad is called an “organic” listing. These are the listings that Google “thinks” you may be looking for (based upon the search criteria you entered in the box).

This is actually a very simple concept. Google wants to reward you for using their search service by serving up both relevant ads and also relevant non-ads (organic listings). Google wants to keep you as a customer by making sure they are giving you what you are looking for in your search.

Now why is that important to someone using a paid service like Google Adwords? Well, it is a well-documented, but little-known fact that as many as 70% of those using Google search DON’T click on the paid ads. To put it another way, if 100 people search for a service you provide AND you show up in the paid search results, only 30 of those people will actually click on an ad.

To make matters worse, of the 30 that do click on an ad, only a percentage of those will click on YOUR ad, as you are competing with other advertisers. And even if they DO click on your ad…does that mean you are necessarily going to get a sale or lead out of the click? No!

Wouldn’t it be better if your company were listed in the organic listings as well? If you are, not only are you 2-3 times more likely to get a click, but the click that you end up getting is FREE! Hey, while you’re at it, why not achieve the best of both worlds and be both in the free (organic) and paid (Adword ads on the top and right-hand side) in the Google search results.

So how do you get ranked highly in the organic search results? It is not easy, but it is certainly doable as we have proved over and over again. But what does this have to do with my Adword campaign, though? EVERYTHING.

A good Adword campaign…at least an Adword campaign that is professionally managed includes a strategy for making sure that the “landing” page a customer ends up on (your website) is relevant to what was actually searched on. Google wants to reward the searcher with what they are actually looking for. And the better your website landing page, the better the chances that it appears in the organic listings as well.

To say it another way, Google will reward you, the Google Adwords advertiser with a lower cost per click if your landing page is relevant to what the searching is looking for…and if your website is more relevant, wouldn’t it make sense for Google to present that page in the organic (free) listings as well? The benefit is DOUBLE. Lower costs per click when they click on your ad, and lots of potential free traffic as well!

No, it’s not easy to achieve high Google rankings, but if you haven’t given improving your landing page much thought or if the company managing your pay per click Adwords campaign has not concentrated on this aspect of your business, then I’m afraid your business is suffering…not once, but twice.

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