Fight Poverty, Find A Charity To Donate

Fight Poverty, Find A Charity To Donate

It is estimated that more than a fifth of the population of the developing world live in extreme poverty. These economically disadvantaged people, living in villages and impoverished urban areas, do not have access to clean drinking water, education and health care. While local governments with the help of developed nations and international organizations are trying to eradicate poverty, often the funds are not sufficient for meeting the needs of the unfortunate souls.

The job of helping the unprivileged is not limited to governments, large philanthropic organizations, businesses and wealthy celebrities. Even the most ordinary person with a small amount of fund can find a charity to donate money.

Donate to charity for health care

Owing to insufficient fund, community health care is usually the most neglected sector in the third world. Absence of medical facilities cause premature deaths and force people to live with physical deformities, which can be otherwise corrected with surgeries.

Common health problems in poor countries


Cataract is the key cause of blindness among the poor. Blindness also worsens poverty by preventing a person from participating in income generating activities. Although vision can be restored with cataract surgeries, poor residents of the third world nations do not have the means to meet the cost of the surgeries. If you want to improve the quality of these hapless souls, find a charity to donate money to aid blindness prevention.

Untreated cleft lip and cleft pallet

While in the developed nations cleft lips and cleft pallets are repaired before a baby is 18 months old, in the poor nations, children and adults with facial deformities often face social ostracism. Philanthropic organizations that offer free reconstructive surgeries to children and adults with cleft lip and cleft pallet need donations to free these people from the shame and pain of living with facial birth defects.

Artificial limb

Can you imagine the pain of surviving without limbs? While artificial limbs can treat the disability, people living in abject poverty cannot afford to buy the expensive prosthesis. For these physically challenged people, disability exacerbates poverty and worsens the quality of life by preventing them from participating in productive activities. A non-profit organization that supplies artificial limbs free of cost to poor disabled people is the ideal charity to donate money.

A large number of poor families helplessly watch their near and dear ones suffer due to lack of medical care. We can help to enliven their lives by contributing funds for building an affordable health care system.

Welcome to Touching Souls International – New York based nonprofit organization actively involved in charity to donate for the past two decades. Our mission is to provide charity for children, assistance in health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged people of the third world countries. Donate now to charity using our online donation.

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