DWI Accident Attorney

DWI Accident Attorney

DWI is short for driving while intoxicated. Intoxication refers to being drunk on alcohol. It is highly illegal to be drunk and operate a vehicle yet some people still do it. These people sometimes cause accidents that bring injury on others. If a person has been injured by someone who was caught driving under the influence then it is a good idea that the victim seek out a DWI accident attorney. There are specific qualities a victim should look for when seeking representation.

A DWI accident attorney is someone who specializes in DWI cases. They have specialized knowledge and understand their client’s needs. Many DWI cases result in injury or death. Because these accidents are 100% avoidable it can sometimes be more difficult for victims to cope. A good attorney will handle victims with sensitivity and he or she will be aggressive when it comes to bringing them justice. It is important that victims feel comfortable opening up to their attorney about all aspects of the accident. A good attorney will leave no stone unturned. They will seek out all evidence in order to make sure their client’s case is rock solid.

A good DWI accident attorney protects his client at all costs. There may be instances where the person driving while intoxicated is not remorseful or perhaps their family is blaming the victim. A good attorney recognizes that his client has been through enough and will use any and all legal recourse to make sure they are protected from harassment, legal or otherwise. Perhaps the best things about a good attorney is that they will yield their client’s the largest settlements.

DWI victims are true victims as they are at no fault for their injuries. Sometimes a DWI attorney is representing a family because their loved one was killed by a drunk driver. Injuries sustained because of a drunk driver never should have happened. There are laws governing that it is illegal to drink and drive and yet some people still do. When they do they put all other lives at risk. A good DWI accident attorney is going to sue for hospitalizations, doctor’s bills, loss of wages, future loss of wages, future hospitalizations, future doctor’s bills, car repair and any mental suffering. If a victim is permanently disabled and unable to work again they are entitled to large compensation to equal what they would have made should they not have been injured. A good DWI accident attorney recognizes this and fights for his client. Not having representation could mean loss of a settlement.

A good DWI accident attorney will have a track record. This isn’t necessarily a win/loss record but rather a reputation that proceeds him or her. This means a large number of satisfied clients as well as colleagues and court professionals that respect the attorney. A good reputation is the mark of a good attorney. Those with bad reputations should be avoided. A mark of a good attorney is how he or she handles her business. If an attorney is contacted by phone or email, the victim should expect to be contacted back within in one to two business days. At the consultation the attorney should make the victim feel relaxed enough to tell their story. The attorney will advise his or her new client on their next steps and what the future could hold for the case. Anyone who seems nonchalant, non-caring or doesn’t return calls isn’t operating to their full potential.

Potential clients should find out what an attorney’s costs are. Most DUI accident attorneys take their fees after a case has been won. The fee would be deducted directly from the settlement. It is important that clients know what percentage an attorney takes. If a percentage is too high the victim may be able to find more reasonable pricing elsewhere. Take note of percentages that are too low. A low percentage is the mark of desperation. A good attorney wants his client to make informed decisions and so they will understand if their potential client does a thorough search on their background. They should even provide credentials and references.

After a potential client has done their research they can ahead and hire the attorney to represent them in their DWI case. A good DWI accident attorney is going to make his or client feel like a first priority. DWI cases tend to take a long time. They can sometimes take about two years. A good attorney will touch base with his client to discuss important case information and let them know where in the court process they are. Clients should feel secure with their attorney. There should be no fear in calling them to touch base and ask any questions. The best DWI accident attorney is going to work very hard for his or her client and be there whenever they are needed.

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