Donate Now And Help The Poor Live With Dignity

Donate Now And Help The Poor Live With Dignity

The role of social services in building human capital and assets for the alleviation of poverty cannot be overlooked. In the countries of the Third World, public investment in education and health is not sufficient for improving the living standard of people living in extreme poverty. In such a dismal scenario, charity is the only hope for improving the basic living conditions of the poor. If you want to put an end to the miseries of the unfortunate people, donate now to a non-profit organization that is supporting poverty eradication programs in the developing world.

The children, aged and the diseased are the most vulnerable people in a poverty-ridden society. Poverty denies a child the rights to education and the elderly the right to live with dignity. The elderly and diseased people who cannot participate in income generating activities are considered a burden to poor families. If you donate now to a charity that works for the unprivileged children, the elderly and the ill, you can bring happiness to the lives of these helpless souls.

Donate now for poor children

Poverty deprives a child of his/her basic birthrights. Malnourishment and frequent illnesses, which are common in children born in poor families, impair their normal physical and mental development. Poverty also weakens the protective environment of a child, leading to exploitation, abuses and even child trafficking. Spending for the education, nutrition and health care of children is the only option for creating a literate and productive population that can break the cycle of poverty. If you want to help the unprivileged children to develop into dignified adults, donate now to a charity that works for the education and health care of children.

Donate now for the elderly

Insufficient income, inequality in employment opportunities, unsuitable housing, changing family patterns in developing societies, inadequate access to physical and mental health care and lack of social services are the main causes of poverty among the elderly. While the governments of developed countries protect the elderly of their societies through their social security schemes, there are no such policies for the poor and ailing elderly population of the developing countries. If you donate now to a philanthropic organization, your contribution when combined with the funds collected from other sources can help thousands of aged people live with dignity.

Donate now for the ill

Poverty and ill health are intimately linked. With the donation accumulated from different people spread across the globe, a charitable organization can build health care facilities for the needy.

Welcome to Touching Souls International – New York based nonprofit organization actively involved in charity to donate for the past two decades. Our mission is to provide charity for children, assistance in health, education and environment for the needy, economically disadvantaged people of the third world countries. Donate now to charity using our online donation.

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