Chinese Dating – The Importance Of Horoscope In Chinese Culture

Chinese Dating – The Importance Of Horoscope In Chinese Culture

Among the numerous queries that western men using Chinese dating websites have to face from their online mates, the most common is perhaps the one about their horoscopes. Although most men are aware of the significance of astronomy in the lives of Chinese people, they are rarely aware of the vital role played by horoscopes in finding a perfect match. In fact, most men are also ignorant of the fact that the Chinese concept of creating a horoscope is entirely different form the western perception of the same. According to Chinese astrological principles, the positions of the planets as well as the exact time of birth of individuals are the deciding factors in shaping their destiny.
The Chinese horoscope is divided into twelve signs each of which is related to a specific animal. These include rabbit, ox, rat, snake, rooster, pig, dog, dragon, monkey, tiger, horse and ram. A particular sign is assigned to an individual after several considerations primary among which are the year, month, day and hour of the birth. It is believed that these factors define the unique personality of every individual and also help in understanding the various aspects of their life. It is these factors that are use by Chinese astrologers to check the compatibility between prospective couples and that is why once your Chinese girlfriend wants to take the relationship to the next level she will ask for the exact details of year, month, day and hour of your birth.
Chinese people in general have firm belief in the ability of learned and experienced astrologers to correctly predict the various events of their life after studying their horoscopes thoroughly. That is why it is customary for Chinese parents to send the horoscopes of the prospective bride and the groom to their family astrologer to not only learn about their level of compatibility but also the other aspects of their future life together, including love, finances, children etc., even for cross cultural couples who meet through Chinese dating sites.

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