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Field hockey shop? Choose

Field hockey shop? Choose

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There is a broad range of hockey sticks, and you should try out the many different sticks until you find out one that is perfect for you. There is no wrong or correct answer; it is entirely up to you to realise the stick that is most satisfactory and effectual for your game.


Goalie stick

Goalkeeping is one of the most important jobs out on the pitch, and we want to help you be your best. As long as the stick feels comfy when you hold it, then it should be okay. Compared to the field sticks, they are usually straighter (to control deflections better), lighter (because keepers do not hit the ball as much, and balanced in a different way (because keepers hold the stick in a different way as well). A very long stick can be a problem if the handle keeps getting caught on your body while playing. Goalie sticks also come in different types.

Defender hockey stick

As a general ruling, defenders need a strong stick for tackling. They as well have to be powerful to assist in the ball clearance. To get both features, they will usually select a stick that is longer to aid reach in for tackles, and weighty to give better hitting power, than players in other hockey positions

Midfielder hockey stick

Midfield field players necessitate having speedy ball-handling skills and the ability to make great tackles. They do not need their sticks to be too weighty, but they require being long-lasting. The midi toe design is well even-handed and will provide for the requirements of a midfielder. Sticks that have strong fibre will assist the midfielder in ball control while dribbling and trapping.

Attacker hockey stick

Forwards are continuously on the attack and consequently, need speed accuracy and ball-handling ability. Their sticks ought to be lighter in weight than ones for defenders as it will aid with movement. Power is also vital, and sticks with a high content of carbon will assist with this without adding up unnecessary weight.