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Forget about the refurbished iPhone 6: bendgate, blurry images and empty batteries

Forget about the refurbished iPhone 6: bendgate, blurry images and empty batteries


At last everybody can buy a real iPhone, the refurbished iPhone 6. Great news obviously. But watch out, because there are some know problems with the iPhone 6. It seems like a nice and affordable phone but there are some disadvantages.


Wider screen

The iPhone 6 was launched in September 2014. A bigger display, nice for your eyes, easier to game with and watch movies. Everybody was enthusiastic and bought this new iPhone. Much of the competition had already introduced a bigger screen earlier so it was a logical step for Apple to follow.



Unfortunately the iPhone 6 had some flaws. During the fall of 2014 there were some responses about the phone that the cover was too weak. When placing the iPhone in a tight jeans, it might bend. This led to rumors on social media and in the press. Bendgate was born. It turned out that the iPhone 6 was made of much weaker materials than the previous iPhone 5.


Too weak for an iPhone

A blogger showed how easy it was to bend an iPhone by hand. Further investigations revealed that skinny jeans also bended the phones. This disappointed a lot of Apple enthusiastics. They were not happy with the quality of their new iPhone.


Blurry photo’s

Another problem was the poor quality of images and videos. This was also no good promotion for the iPhone 6. Photo lovers were disappointed and they were waiting for the new iPhone which hopefully did not have the same flaws.



The final disadvantage of the iPhone 6 was the limited battery capacity. Compared to the latest model of iPhones (the iPhone X) it had only half of the capacity. You had to recharge often in order to keep your phone alive. This meant taking a charger with you all day. Not very user friendly.


When you want to go for a refurbished iPhone, it is better to buy a newer model like the iPhone 7 or the iPhone 8 in order to avoid all the problems mentioned above.