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Google Apps Corporate Directory Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Google Apps Corporate Directory Can Make Your Business More Efficient

Technology has given easier access to business functions wherever you are making ‘running a business’ most exciting and overwhelming. The availability of Google apps corporate directory can make your business run smoother and faster. Companies which has been consulting about Google apps consultants over years and has developed bountiful support to people looking for Google apps resellers. The companies are purely dedicated to keep their customers up-to-date with the company’s operational structure and hence build up the productivity. CFS simultaneously provides this sort of knowledge to people and resources to the customers and so helps develop technology faster than its competitors.

The company will help to solve any critical business problems of any company and also help for Google Apps log in page service. The well trained, well-educated and well equipped staff know how to deal this kind to the people very well. They take enough care and responsibility when it comes to issues connected to the Google Apps Corporate Directory. The ultimate motto of the company is to cater their customers at its best and satisfy their clients in a logical manner to help meet all their expectations to the fullest. The Google application is known to be the most accomplished and most cost-effective services that offer the opportunity to upgrade your system without any trouble. Its benefits are incomparable. The company offers effective measures and endless integrations which simply inspire the rest and it will be a wise decision to visit their website and accept their Google apps setup and other related services.

The company provides a wide range of support and application services for Google apps resellers and Google apps for business. They are authorized and hence you can get information about a lot of facilities that this application holds for you from the company. You can always stay connected to the support department of the company through online chat, email, and phone. Any time you try to contact, you will always receive a response. You are always welcome to grab the opportunity to learn about the company and the services it provides. The three basic services that the company offers are training, consultancy and support. The company is always keen about the betterment of your business organization and so concentrates on the use of Google apps corporate directory and supports the concept that it can be used in several fields to enhance the existing communication system.

If you are looking for a low cost cloud based alternative Google Applications then there is no other alternative better than the CFS. This Google apps company is very firm about keeping your business parts integrated and sync all the accounts and finance, customer management, workflow, security, productivity and many more. There are examples of several customers who have chosen Google apps and have used Google’s online backup service and have been hugely benefited. You can also enjoy the difference in the performance of your organization just by becoming a part of this huge cloud based Google apps service. So what are you waiting for? Get acquainted with Google Apps corporate directory get a head-start for your business.

CloudCodes is well recognized google apps reseller in India. We provide end to end solution of products like google apps login page,Corporate directory, salesforce services and google apps script developers for your business.

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Adwords Management: Avoiding the ‘Google Slap’

Adwords Management: Avoiding the ‘Google Slap’

Proper management of your Google Adwords campaign will prevent your campaigns from getting what is commonly referred to in the internet marketing world as the “Google Slap.” So exactly WHAT IS the Google Slap? That’s when Google decides that you have done something that is either against their policies, quality guidelines, or against the law and they decide to “slap” you for it.

Sometimes that punishment results in your website being removed from its index and search results. Other times, it may be an “adjustment” downward for your page ranking. Here is how Google puts it in their own words:

“Google may temporarily or permanently remove sites from its index and search results if it believes it is obligated to do so by law, if the sites do not meet Google’s quality guidelines, or for other reasons, such as if the sites detract from users’ ability to locate relevant information. We cannot comment on the individual reasons a page may be removed…” (Google Webmasters/Site Owners Help Manual)

The “Google Slap” is mostly used when referring to cases where organic listings are penalized. Organic listings are free search results that appear below and to the left of paid ads; however, make no mistake about it; you can get “slapped” for running bad Adword campaigns as well. An example of having one’s Adword campaign being slapped would be where perhaps your ads were costing $ 3 a click and suddenly Google raised your minimum bid to $ 10.

Here are some of the common mistakes people make in their Adword campaigns that result in Google slaps: -Poorly written ads with extremely low click-through rates -Using too many broad-matching keywords, which really have no relevancy to the terms searched on; this will also result in low click-through rates, which will get you “slapped” with higher ad prices. -Low quality scores, where there is no relevancy between the keywords searched on, the Adword copy, and the landing page. -Using a destination URL that is not congruent with the display URL in your ad -Deceptive advertising; DON’T do this.

There are many other ways to get yourself slapped, but I think you may be getting the picture. Now, what you REALLY want to get from Google is what is referred to as “Google Love.”

Google loves for its searchers to find what they want; in fact, if you can figure out a way to make sure that your products or services are exactly what a searcher is looking for, Google will LOVE you. It’s really that simple. Many people try to over-complicate this.

Google loves for its searchers to be happy and they will reward you will lower-priced ads if you can consistently and effectively make this happen. Many advertisers don’t know it, but the ads at the top are not necessarily the ones who are paying the most. The Google bidding process factors in something called a “quality score,” which is the great equalizer. Quality scores assure Google that an advertiser cannot simply “buy” their way to the top position without giving the searchers value in return.

I don’t know about you, but I would rather be loved than slapped – especially when we are talking about my Google Adwords campaign. If you follow Google’s guidelines, do your market and keyword research, and spend some time learning about effective Adword campaign management techniques, I promise that you will feel lots of love…and not only that…you will find yourself with a profitable Adwords campaign.

Adwords Management can be very tricky to master, but did you know you can actually spend far less in Google Adwords and get even more clicks! George Curtis, a respected expert in Google Adwords Management is giving away a free video on “The Secrets of Adwords Management” Discover the Crucial steps you must take to make your campaigns Super-Profitable. Claim Your Free Video Now!
Sucking up To Google – How to Dominate PPC Management

Sucking up To Google – How to Dominate PPC Management

If you have any plans on Succeeding in Google Adwords management you basically need to do everything you can to suck up to Google. You need to do everything you can to make Google like you and make Google be on your side. After all who decides how well you do in your online business? You? Your work ethic? Your reputation? Nope, Google ultimately decides how well you’ll do in your online business. If you’re not doing everything you can to suck up to Google you might as well kiss your dreams of online success goodbye.

There are a number of different ways you can suck up to Google but there is no one thing that totally appeases Google. It takes a combination of several different factors to appease the Google Gods. You need to do everything you can to structure you business for Google’s liking. Then and only then will you find favor in the eyes of Google.

Running a Successful Adwords Campaign requires that you master each of the following techniques and practices I list below. I have been in PPC Management long enough to see the rewards of those who please Google and the pain of those who angered the Google Gods.

Optimizing your Adwords Campaigns Do you have all of your keywords stuffed into just a few ad-groups? If so, Google hates it when campaigns are set up like this and will surely slap your campaigns with “0% relevancy”! Each keyword you have should actually be in an ad group all on its own!

Optimizing Your Ads Did you know the structure of your ads plays a huge roll in determining your success in ppc management? Each keyword you have should have an ad written specifically for that keyword and with the ad appearing once in the ad headline, once in the ad text and once in the display URL.

Optimizing Your Site Is your site optimized for Google? If not then I guarantee you that you won’t get too far in Google adwords management. Google is completely obsessed with relevancy and is always checking to see if your site is 100% relevant to the keywords you are advertising on. If Google finds the keyword you’re advertising on isn’t found many places on your site then you’re in big trouble. Google will determine your site has no Relevancy. Your site could be perfectly relevant to every keyword you have if you know how to use, “Magic Keyword Insertion” The guys at are great at this.

Split Testing Ads Daily You’re a LOSER if you’re not doing this and it’s only a matter of time before Google hates you! Split testing is the process of writing several ads for each keyword and testing them against each other to see which ones perform the best. Split testing determines which ads are great and also which ads should be deleted. Google loves good ads and rewards good ads with higher ad position and lower click costs. On the other hand if your Adwords campaigns are full of sorry ads with horrible Click-Through-Rates then Google will give your ads horrible ad placement while charging you more than you should have to pay per click.

All of these “Google Pleasing Techniques” are extremely important and crucial to the survival of any Adwords advertiser. I know that all of the technique take time, patience and a massive amount of Learning but if you master them you will surely find success in Adwords as you find favor in Google’s eyes. If you can’t do these techniques yourself I highly suggest you find a PPC Management company like to do all of this for you.

You can spend far less in Google Adwords and get even more clicks! Claim Your Free Video Revealing the Secrets of how you can Dominate adwords and spend LESS money! George Kristopher, a respected expert in PPC Campaign Management will reveal to you the “7 Secrets” of getting lower click-costs and Terrific ad placement. Grab your PPC Management video now!

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Google Adwords – “5 Key Strategies” to Dominating Your Competition

Google Adwords – “5 Key Strategies” to Dominating Your Competition

Most people advertising in Adwords today don’t realize that they are losing tons of customers and leads – all due to the fact that they don’t know the “5 Key Strategies” they must do to set up a successful Adwords campaign. If you follow these 5 key steps to setting up your Adwords campaign, not only will your ad show up a lot higher in Google, but you’ll also pay less per click than people advertising below you! Applying these “5 Key Strategies” will INCREASE the amount of clicks you’re getting per day and at the same time DECREASE the amount of money you have to spend now!

Optimizing Your Campaign the Way Google Likes- Are all of your keywords stuffed into just a few ad-groups? Google hates it when you set up campaigns like this and determines that your campaign has no relevancy. I make my campaigns Super Relevant by taking each individual keyword and putting it in an ad-group on its own! Doing this it will reduce your click cost by an incredible amount! I highly recommend that at first you take your keywords and organize them into very closely related ad-groups.

I recommend you use the free Adwords platform “Adwords Editor” that has a special, easy-to-use tool for organizing keyword called the “Keyword Grouper”. Failing to properly organize your keywords will definitely cause your campaigns to be “slapped” – meaning that Google will charge you insane amounts of money for clicks and give your ads terrible placement.

Optimize your Ads For Google Yes, the structure of your ads plays a huge role in determining how much you pay per click. Just like with Strategy #1 Google, is obsessed with “relevancy”. Google’s idea of a perfect ad actually has the keyword that was searched on show up twice in the ad; once in the ad title, and once in the ad text. If Google see’s that your ad displaying for the keyword, “injury attorney” actually has the keyword “injury attorney” appearing in your ad title and in your ad text then Google is going to reward your ad for being perfectly “relevant” to the keyword that was searched on.

Google is going to reward you in two ways: 1) Google will charge you less per click, and 2) Google will give your ad a higher ad placement! But that’s not it! Whoever searches on the keyword “injury attorney” will actually be more inclined to click on your ad because the actual keyword they searched on shows up twice in your ad! This means that by optimizing your ads you not only get more clicks and spend less, but you also get higher ad placement! It’s definitely a win-win situation!

You might ask, “Well how will I ever have time to write a super -targeted ad like that for every keyword I have? That seems impossible!” Trust me, utilizing this strategy definitely pays off! I believe in this strategy so firmly, that I actually write a super targeted ad for EVERY keyword. It’s a huge load of work, but it definitely pays off for my clients in the form of less ad-spend and MORE clicks! Don’t forget to optimize your ads!

Optimizing Your Site for Google Even though you follow steps 1 and 2 and still get majorly penalized by Google. Google could be penalizing you because your website doesn’t contain the keywords that you are bidding on. Google expects to find each and every keyword you’re bidding on at least once on your landing-page. Google wants to make sure that the site you’re advertising is 100% relevant to the search a Google user makes. Google is all about providing its users with information on exactly what they searched for. Google wants to return its searchers perfectly RELEVANT content.

If Google can’t find the keyword that you’re advertising under anywhere on your landing-page Google will automatically assume that your website has little or nothing to do with the keyword and deem your site “NON-RELEVANT” to the keyword searched on. What does this mean for you? This means you will now be “punished” by the Google gods and “slapped” with high costs-per-click as well as bad ad placement.

You may ask, “How can I possibly make sure that my website contains all of the keywords I am bidding on?” Using special PHP programming you can actually take a special code and insert it in strategic places on your landing page. This will make the keyword searched on appear on your website to make your site relevant to the keyword searched on. This special technique is referred to as “Dynamic Keyword Insertion”.

NOW…. a customer searches on “injury attorney” and when they click on your ad, the word “injury attorney” magically appears in strategic places on your website. Google ALSO now sees that your site is relevant to what was searched on. The result? The searcher is happy that they actually found what they were looking for and Google rewards you with a lower click-cost and higher ad-placement!

Keyword “Stealing”- This step is vitally important if you’re serious about absolutely dominating your competitors in Google Adwords. Lets Say you do some research and find two particular advertisers that are your top competitors. They may have hundreds or even thousands of keywords that they’re advertising under. That being the case.. It more than likely took them several months and lots of money to build their keyword lists.

What if I told you that you could legally and ethically “steal” your top competitors’ keywords and advertise under them yourself? Meaningthat your competition spends all of the money trying out and testing which keywords work the best and then YOU swoop in and LEGALLY steal all of your competitors’ tried and tested keywords?

Not only will you be bypassing months’ worth of keyword research, but by implementing the “relevancy techniques” in the steps above you’ll beat out your competitors under every keyword that they are advertising on!

Yes, it’s sneaky but it’s legal, and crucially vital to dominating your niche. The best way to get into this keyword espionage is by utilizing a special spy tool called KeywordSpy.

Daily Split-testing- Did you know that Google actually rewards good ads? If Google sees you have a great ad with a great click-through-rate, that ad will not only get shown more often, but it will also decrease in bid price so that you pay less per click!

In other words the better your ads are, the less you pay per click and the more traffic you get. It is extremely important that you write two ads for each ad-group or keyword and test the ads against each other. That way you can see which ad out-performs the other. Once you find the best ad, delete the “loser ad” and write a new ad to replace it. Then test the new ad against the winning ad. After testing ads on a consistent basis you end up with super performing ads that not only increase the amount of clicks you get, but also decrease the amount you have to pay per click!

Claim Your Free Video Revealing the Secrets of how you can spend far less in Google Adwords and get even more clicks! George Kristopher, a respected Adwords Management expert will reveal to you the “7 Secrets” of getting lower click-costs and Terrific ad placement. Grab your PPC Management video right now!

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How To Anticipate Free Cash Flow

How To Anticipate Free Cash Flow

Free Cash Flow (FCF) serves as a measure of how much money is left over after having a business enterprise pay off its bills to maintain the management of the company. That means that after having an organization pay off their employees, utility bills, supplies, as well as any other operating obligations, the cash that’s left would be thought to be FCF. Usually the more extra free cash flow an organization has the more fortunate it actually is. Logically this makes sense simply because it suggests that the business’ products are selling well in the market, that it really is earning cash, and it has its expenditures in check.

With regard to public organizations you’ll be able to estimate FCF by seeking data in the Cash Flow Statement. This kind of info can be acquired at no cost within the corporate entity’s website where you should be able to come across the annual report as well as fiscal reports, or from web sites like Google Finance or Yahoo! Finance. The method to compute free cash flow is: Free Cash Flow = (Income from Operating Activities) – (Capital Expenses).

Sites such as Google finance show 4 years of information on their financial statements. To obtain information for additional time, you must navigate to the corporation’s internet site and download old annual reports to determine the free cash flow for past years. If free cash flow happens to be reliably greater than 0 for the past ten years you have located an enterprise that should receive deeper evaluation. If the FCF growth rate has additionally been greater than 0 for most of those years and possesses a basic upside pattern it shows that the business is well managed and also has a quality strategy for promoting their products and services.

If the most recent fiscal year is not yet finished, you can search monthly info that may have been recently mentioned to help estimate the FCF of the most current time period. Getting an average of the monthly data that’s already been revealed and predicting the full year results is a good place to start. Based upon whether or not the company looks like it’s doing better or even worse than the results it’s previously accomplished it’s possible to modify your twelve month projections down or up to acquire a far better estimation.

Our next questions to ask are; with what’s well-known about the corporation, are the presumptions that were developed to go with your appraisal sensible? Exactly how likely could it possibly be that the business can continue to manufacture those types of results? The right way to respond to these queries should be to examine the business’ annual record. Find a profile of the product roadmap and technique for procuring new revenue and then any possible influence on costs. Is there completely new competition that might be taking part in the market and enjoying a piece of possible revenue? Carefully consider hints at the next product releases into new or established market segments and the way the company intends to protect its competitive standing.

You might even need to determine the free cash flow rate of growth to help estimate innate stock values. Projecting growth rates of 10% or higher in the long term will not be sensible. Whenever an enterprise is big, its rate of growth may tend to fall a little bit because the utter size of the organization makes it difficult to realize huge growth rates. Logically this makes sense since having a corporation increase in size from $ 250 billion in market capitalization to $ 500 billion would be easier than doubling in scale from $ 500 billion to $ 1 trillion. Because of this the actual long run FCF rate of growth needs to be less than 10%, which in itself would be a great result for any company to realize.

The great toolset for a value investor can be found on the Value Investor Headquarters website.
2 Burning Questions for Google in 2011

2 Burning Questions for Google in 2011

Happy New Year from a curious shareholder, Google(Nasdaq: GOOG)! As we swing into 2011, you can probably tell me how to wish someone this season’s best in dozens of languages, but that’s not why I’m here right now. In fact, even the biggest, baddest search engine in the world (that’s you!) can’t tell me what I really want to know today.

I have two burning questions, and it would take a time machine to answer either one with any accuracy:

First off, what will your share price be 365 days from today? I know it’s a totally unfair question, but your share price has been unfairly low lately and hasn’t really moved since last New Year’s Eve. I hope you’re taking some medication for that. In the meantime, I bought some shares last Tuesday to take advantage of the bargain. I didn’t know Wall Street did after-Christmas blowout sales just like my local mall!

Second, you’ve been acting kind of scatter-brained in 2010. I mean you were born unfocused and it’s an endearing quality, but it’s been a bit over the top this year. You’re dabbling in global politics, there’s the failed attempt to revolutionize how the mobile phone industry works, one big entertainment play happened but seems to be failing, and a much-rumored attempt to challenge Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) in the digital music scene is still just a rumor. Will you get your act together in 2011 and get anything done?

A year of decisive action should lead to great returns on my investment, so you can kill two angry birds with one stone. If you can’t do that, well, there’s always 2012, I suppose. But I also bought AMD (NYSE: AMD) this week because I think it will do well in 2011 and some Netflix(Nasdaq: NFLX) this month on long-term promise similar to yours. Will you let those guys outperform you in 2011, Google? A lot of people are leaning on your wide shoulders, you know.

Get latest information about Finance and investment news. For more information feel free to visit US stock market updates .

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Reach Out to People on Social Media Sites to Generate Finance Auto Leads

Reach Out to People on Social Media Sites to Generate Finance Auto Leads

The traditional ways of marketing via telephone calls and advertisements in newspapers and business magazines still exists; however more and more car sellers these days are turning to the Internet in search for finance auto lead. It is because today, a rising number of people prefer to shop for cars and such other necessary items over the Internet. Thus, the easiest way to get noticed is by maintaining an online presence on the different social media sites, websites, and blogs.

Who are finance auto leads?

Finance auto leads are customers who are eager to buy a car but don’t have the money in hand for investing purpose. They look for suitable finance options to urgently purchase a car of their favorite make. All auto lending institutions looking for special finance leads must run one or multiple car leads sites containing fresh, updated content. The car shoppers looking to gather updated information about auto loans must get all kinds of car related information from your site. If you somehow manage to impress the potential customers chances are you will start getting lots of new customers thereby skyrocketing your sales and profit margin.

How to convert potential auto buyers into customers?

As an auto dealer, you must open a page on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and Google+ to reach out to maximum people within a short span of time. The social media profile pages can be template-based, and must contain interesting content along with photos and videos to attract and retain the visitors. The whole purpose behind maintaining a social media profile page is to provide useful information that the potential auto buyers are looking for. The auto buyers can inquire about the newly launched cars, their prices and features, about auto insurance, auto loans, and more. As a dealer, you must provide comprehensive information about the various aspects of the automotive industry.

Why social networking?

Social media sites are also known as social networking sites. Let me explain the logic behind the term “networking site”. A user visits your Facebook page, likes your post or multiple posts, and shares the posts on his page so that all his friends and followers can see the same. In this way, a good post gets noticed and shared by a lot of people. This is the viral effect of the social media websites. Within a moment, you will see an increasing number of fans and followers liking, commenting, and sharing your social media content with their extended network of friends and associates.

To get a good number of finance auto lead, auto dealerships must explore every popular social media web platform that has a growing number of active users. Till date, Facebook happens to top the list of most popular social media website.

Social media is all about getting referrals

The main business goal behind opening pages on social media sites is to get maximum referrals. The topmost benefit of social media sites is that they help in getting lots of potential customers by making a post instantly popular.

Matthew Barredo is a market research analyst in the automobile industry who insists that social media sites can help a dealer get maximum finance auto lead that guarantee maximum conversions. In this article, he also educates readers about using car leads sites to generate maximum sale.
Google Shadow, Direct Linking X…

Google Shadow, Direct Linking X…

Google DJK Shadow is a brandnew clickbank product that is created by Chris Mcneeney, the creator of the two number one products in clickbank a few year ago- Affiliate Project X and Day Job Killer.

Google Namesis and Day Job Killer were sold out within their first 7 days of lauching. Chris was responsible for helping over 35,000 internet marketers from losing money with adwords to banking big time with google adwords. He has worked hard to developed products that made these tasks easier and more profitable.

Chris’s Project X broke the Clickbank sales records when it was released in October of 2006. Chris did it again when he released the new Day Job killer. He managed to broke the previous record, selling over 9000 copies in the first launch week. The gross account hit $ 1 million within just 7 days.

Chris has helped many frustrated marketers to succeeding with the adwords game. Even though, adwords is getting tougher and tougher everyday. Chris is constantly working to find a solution that will work for everybody even for newbies.

Google Shadow make use of softwares to help new marketing, who has very little experience on website building and help them create mini website to promote via clickbank and adwords.

It is harder now a day to make commission, since the day google adwords banned direct linking to clickbank products.

Nevertheless, Chris has done it again. Google Shadow is all about direct linking. Do not underestimate this strategy. It is simple and straightforward but can be very profitable if using it right.

He will show you how to put this strategy to work for you when you sign up to be a google shadow member and help make you make daily income that you have always wanted from clickbank, microsoft and amazon.

Direct linking is quite easy, since the software will tell you which products have potential of making you the most money and how you going to promote it with the step by step traffic plan system.

The good thing about affiliate marketing is that you do not need to manage any products or get in touch with any merchants or customers. This is automatically handled for you so you can get the commission and cash the checks.

Exclusive Real Value Google Shadow Review can be found here.
On the Job – Accounting in the UK

On the Job – Accounting in the UK

SBI online banking provides a user-friendly and secured platform to do your banking transactions.

In relation to Accountants in Public Practise Virtually all accountants in the UK are employed in public practise. These kinds of accountants have an extensive variety of fee-based help to a likewise broad range of clientele. Whether it’s audit or even administrative counselling, accountants who decide on public practise can perhaps further become skilled in a numerous broad fields, which includes assurance and audit, business finance, corporate recovery and/or bankruptcy, forensic accounting, taxation, financial outsourcing and management advising.

The hassle of changing super when you move from one job to another is a pain that can be avoided, and it is estimated that a large number of Australians simply never reclaim super that is rightfully theirs because of the logistics and fees associated with chasing it up each time. Managing your own super fund you can take it with you from employer to employer, never having to worry about losing what you are owed.

How It Is Performing Public Practise Work While gratifying, public practise calls for challenging work and long hours but will yield sizable rewards. The most effective accountants exhibit plenty of ambition and self-discipline. They also engage in many professional exams to augment and corroborate their credentials or certify them to practise in the many sub-special ties in the industry.

Those who are new in the industry often stumble upon issues related to the balance between the job and life, but most of the top-rated accounting companies recognise that these kinds of troubles can be cut down on by creating a work atmosphere in which there is a considerable amount of work flexibility, such as in hours of operation and work schedules. Starting salaries range from about?22.000 to around?34,000, and many employers have variety initiatives already existing.

The government offers tax concessions to people who manage their own super funds, which means you can take full advantage of these and maximise the value of your fund.

A numerous amount of accounting jobs can be found in London as well as the south eastern part of Britain. It’s also possible to acquire accounting certifications that are recognised in nearly 200 nations worldwide, enabling accountants to get educated and work almost anywhere in the entire world. One such certification is given by ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants.

Fixed fees are another benefit of SMSF because they will not grow as your fund does, making them the most cost effective solution to your super needs.

Home loan Refinancing allows homeowners to replace the existing high interest rate home loan with a low Mortgage Refinance
Google Attracts A Million Visitors, Surpassing Microsoft, Facebook

Google Attracts A Million Visitors, Surpassing Microsoft, Facebook

According to the data unveiled by ComScore, search engine giant Google surpassed its tech rivals Microsoft and Facebook in terms of unique visitors. By attracting more than one billion unique visitors in May, Google has become world’s first internet company to achieve such an enormous figure. In the report released Tuesday, ComScore, a company that garners web data, had evaluated the result by exemplifying the surfing habits of two million internet users.

As quoted by The Wall Street Journal, “ComScore refines the estimates with “page view” data that it receives from more than 90 of the 100 publishers of Web content, but not from Google.” Unique visitors are calculated by counting an individual only once in a month, irrespective of the number of visits made by the reader in a month.

Google’s traffic surged by 8.4 percent:- While Google’s traffic surged 8.4 percent in the past 12 months, its competitor Microsoft registered an increase of 15 percent and ranked second with 905 million unique visitors. Users spent nearly 250 billion minutes on Facebook (66.6 percent increase from last year) in May, while 200 billion minutes (13 percent increase from past one year)were spent on Google. An increase of 30 percent was noticed in Facebook’s traffic over the past year, which grabbed the third spot with 714 million visitors. On its failure to compete with the top social networking site Facebook, Yahoo acquired the fourth position with 689 million unique visitors. Despite the position, Yahoo saw an increase of 10.8 percent in the number of users.

Google outshines Microsoft:- There was a time when Microsoft sites ruled online. In 2006, when ComScore had measured the traffic of the internet sites for the first time, Microsoft topped the web with 539 million unique visitors, while Google had mere 500 million monthly visitors. However, by introducing Gmail, YouTube, advertising and other services, Google has succeeded in outshining other web portals. Though Google had the highest number of monthly unique visitors, visitors spent most of their time on Facebook. Users spent nearly 250 billion minutes on Facebook (66.6 percent increase from last year) in May, while 200 billion minutes (13 percent increase from past one year) were spent on Google. On the other hand, Microsoft registered a decline of 13.6 percent with 204 billion minutes.

The users spent almost 250 billion minutes on Facebook (66.6 percent more than last year) in May, while 200 billion minutes (13 per cent more than last year) was spent on Google.

On the other hand, we recorded fell by 13.6 percent and 204 billion dollars.

Now days, Social media has been become an important part of our lifestyle. Know about growth of social media. Visit to read more finance news.

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