Can Someone Tell Me Why?

Can Someone Tell Me Why?

Can someone tell me why:

1. Robert Redford is at the 2007’s Sundance Film Celebration requiring in the opening speech that President Bush ask forgiveness to the American people for everything that has happened because 9/11? Why, inform me, does anybody give a rat’s fundament what Robert Redford thinks of anything much less politics? Can someone tell me why people who make motion pictures in America are seen to be smarter and have a higher political acumen that God Himself? For that matter, why is anyone in this country revering some schmuck who appears on TV or film to the point where these “stars” are virtually deified about everything from their viewpoints on life itself to exactly what brand of underclothing they use?

2. There is such an expansion of sex-crazed fiends residing in America who consistently take other individuals’s kids for their dastardly and ghastly plans? Can somebody inform me why this seems so common now? Is it much better reporting or is certainly the moral material of American society now broken beyond repair work? Does anyone have an idea? Those of whom I asked this question, those who matured in the 30’s, 40’s, and 50’s, are not able to remember from remote memory such a preponderance of these cases in the news media. I, for one, can not think for one minute that if these events were happening anytime in the past, and in such abundance, the news media of any era would have overlooked them. And, can somebody inform me why, in the current case where 2 Missouri minors were recuperated securely from the Freak-a-zoid maniac who took them from their families, nobody in their house structure bothered to report the strange occasions that went on because apartment or condo? Next-door neighbors heard this madman slapping the Hornbeck kid; they saw the child did not go to school, and more … DUH! Do not let the truth escape you that strangeness was seen and no one bothered to drop a penny to call the authorities. Can someone tell me why Costs O’Reilly, and other knuckleheads, would dare to ask why this Hornbeck kid did not escape his captor? (How attempt them!) Can someone tell me why they say such things without a noticeable thought in their empty heads? They understand nothing of exactly what this kid went through or what torture he needed to endure. Can someone tell me why there is not absolute empathy and understanding for this kid– and he is a kid– and his household? Compassion would not encourage someone to ask such silly questions!

3. In a NAFTA-inspired trade deal, within the next 2 years, Mexico will buy its chickens from American farmers? Can someone tell me why Minuteman creator Chris Simcox and his cronies, are not weeping to the paradises about this? Can someone tell me why they aren’t understanding that this offer will successfully damage the livelihood of thousand of Mexican farm workers who will, in turn, head for the border searching for the lost jobs? Can someone tell me why this is exactly what NAFTA has done on a whole-scale basis throughout Mexico? Can somebody inform me why anti-Mexican loonies condemn Mexico as the totally responsible party in the migration ordeal when America is pulling this stunt? America takes tasks that could keep Mexicans in Mexico and it is all Mexico’s fault? Can someone describe this one to me?

4. I ask about the “moral fabric of American society” in point # 2 … well, I utilized to compose more posts like the one you are reading but have actually limited them in current months. I tired of getting all those well considered, seriously reasoned reactions that ranged from name-calling, tips about my sexuality, and outright hazards to my physical security. These rational readers who reacted all defined themselves as members of the celebration that was supporting enormous and rigorous control of the “brown afflict” stumbling upon the border– do not you just like the compassion with which they call Mexicans? How special is that? Can somebody tell me, please, why those who are on the side of Chris Simcox and his band of merry men turn to name-calling and risks when one attempts offer a distinction of opinion? Why? Do they not want to factor critically about this issue, or is it they can not? Can somebody inform me why?

5. I leave you with this: Can somebody inform me why that according to The A to Z Encyclopedia of Serial Killers, the United States produces 76% of the world’s serial killers– some sources put it at more than 85%.

Can somebody inform me why? All critically reasoned responses can be directed to me:

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