2 Burning Questions for Google in 2011

2 Burning Questions for Google in 2011

Happy New Year from a curious shareholder, Google(Nasdaq: GOOG)! As we swing into 2011, you can probably tell me how to wish someone this season’s best in dozens of languages, but that’s not why I’m here right now. In fact, even the biggest, baddest search engine in the world (that’s you!) can’t tell me what I really want to know today.

I have two burning questions, and it would take a time machine to answer either one with any accuracy:

First off, what will your share price be 365 days from today? I know it’s a totally unfair question, but your share price has been unfairly low lately and hasn’t really moved since last New Year’s Eve. I hope you’re taking some medication for that. In the meantime, I bought some shares last Tuesday to take advantage of the bargain. I didn’t know Wall Street did after-Christmas blowout sales just like my local mall!

Second, you’ve been acting kind of scatter-brained in 2010. I mean you were born unfocused and it’s an endearing quality, but it’s been a bit over the top this year. You’re dabbling in global politics, there’s the failed attempt to revolutionize how the mobile phone industry works, one big entertainment play happened but seems to be failing, and a much-rumored attempt to challenge Apple (Nasdaq: AAPL) in the digital music scene is still just a rumor. Will you get your act together in 2011 and get anything done?

A year of decisive action should lead to great returns on my investment, so you can kill two angry birds with one stone. If you can’t do that, well, there’s always 2012, I suppose. But I also bought AMD (NYSE: AMD) this week because I think it will do well in 2011 and some Netflix(Nasdaq: NFLX) this month on long-term promise similar to yours. Will you let those guys outperform you in 2011, Google? A lot of people are leaning on your wide shoulders, you know.

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